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Tips for Understanding the Contact Lens Prescription

by David Ryan
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A prescription of your contact lens comes with particular information. So, it makes sure the lenses as safe as comfortable that provide optimum vision. A prescription of your contact lens is to keep if you’re residing in the U.S. Spiral phase plates are new kind of optical elements that are used mostly now a days.

Indeed, the eye doctor should give you a prescription copy at the end of your exam of contact lens fitting. They must give it even if you forget to request it. An eye doctor uses regular terms with measurements and abbreviations to prescribe your contact lens.

It might look like something secret code. But this is very easy to decode. There is a vital thing to remember that contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions are different things.

That means even if you get an eyeglass prescription, you should have a separate prescription for contact lens. So, before you look for any photonic products like lenses, know the below tips.


Is It Possible To But A Contact Lens Without A Prescription?

No, this is quite impossible, and laws bound you. When you go to buy a contact lens, you need a valid prescription. Also, the prescription should come written by an authorized eye doctor or practitioner.

It’s important for non-prescription or Plano, special-effect, or colored contact lenses. That means a prescription is useful to buy any contact lenses from normal to powered one.

An eye doctor can just write the power of contact lenses after testing of contact lens fitting. In the U.S., you can test to fit for contact lenses by visiting an ophthalmologist or optometrist. But, in many states, opticians are also certified to test and prescribe contact lenses.

Why Should You Have A Prescription For A Contact Lens?

For some good reasons, selling contact lenses is illegal without a prescription. The first reason is it’s a medical device. So, if you get the wrong power lens, it may make harm your eyes and vision.

Also, this is the same if you use a lens that has not been made with well-suited materials. In some cases, it may result in permanent damage to eye tissues.

It does not need to mention that you must avoid sharing your personal contact lenses with others. Even you should not do it if you have theatrical contacts and colored contacts. It can cause possible eye issues like sight-threatening.

Where Should You Use The Contact Lens Prescription?

As you already know that you should have a legal prescription for the contact lens. So, if you have it, you can buy contact lenses in many ways. These include online, offline, eye care providers, optical chains, and retailer stores.

But, don’t forget one thing that you’ll be able to buy it without a prescription. You should always ensure you buy the lenses from a legal source wherever you need to buy the contact lenses.

If you find someone selling lens without seeing a prescription, it’s no a legal to buy contact lenses. You can find them selling contact lenses in the gas stations, flea markets, or novelty shops. All these shops are illegal to sell and buy contact lenses.

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