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The Best Ways to Select Hiking Waterproof Jacket

by David Ryan
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Are you thinking of buying a rain jacket for you? But do not know the ways to select the best jacket. You will get different types of coats in the shop. All the jackets come with various features, other specifications, and different materials.

That is why it is quite tough to select one among them. Here, we will present some best ways to choose your raincoat through this content. We hope that all the tips will be very beneficial to you.

Like Patagonia sale womens, you will know the details of the rain jacket. That will help you to go for the right coat as well. So, let’s begin!

Ways to Select Best Hiking Raincoat 

Firstly, we will present the ways to pick one hiking raincoat. Also, today’s tips will help you to select the hillwalking jacket as well. The most important thing is that you have to check the manufactures of jackets.


There are lots of brands that are available who present the hiking raincoat. Usually, hiking women’s rain jackets build with specific materials and features. If you want to buy a mountain jacket, then you have to check the hood.

Generally, a mountain jacket comes with a giant hood and pockets. Also, the fabric of such kind of jackets is very durable. Lastly, you have to check the material, big pocket, and hood while selecting a hiking raincoat.


Another important thing is that you must follow the weight of the jacket when you select one. One of the most important tips is always to select a lightweight raincoat. Your raincoat keeps you safe from the rain and excessive wind.

It is not for keeping you warm. The latest jackets come with the 350 g to 750 g. Another vital thing is that you need to fold your hiking coat to keep it in the backpack. So, after weight, you have to check the jacket’s construction as well.


We mentioned before that raincoat comes with the different types of materials. Also, they come with many layers as well. Some come with a 2-layer design, and some come with 2.5. Also, some jackets provide three layers.

Most of the time, the middle and outer layers are the same. Usually, the outer shell comes with quality fabrics that are coated with the water repellent chemical.

That makes the jacket durable and robust. Also, it keeps the outer layers away from absorbing moisture. The mid-layer is a waterproof layer that makes with Teflon or Polyurethane.

Waterproof Layer 

Lastly, we will talk about the waterproof layer of jackets. This layer is essential for the raincoat. Mainly, different companies use different types of waterproof coatings—the waterproof layers’ ability measures in mm.

The highest millimeters make sure the best fabric. Here, our advice is to select a jacket with 17000 to 22000 mm. This type of jacket provides the best result to protect against heavy snow and rain. Moreover, you have to choose a 12000 to 16000 gm breathability coat for you.

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