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How to Optimize Website Speed?

by David Ryan
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According to most of the digital marketing professional, the speed of a business website has a great effect on conversions and sales. Websites that take too long to load receive slow response and users of these websites switch to other competitors. Get your websites designed by any New York web design agency and follow these tips to optimize the speed of your site. Additionally, you can hire SEO services in Sydney to do so on behalf of you.

1. Compare Speed

You can start this all by comparing the speed of your website with your competitors’. Check where they are good and where you need improvements. Why they have a good number of clients and more sales. This comparison and analysis will help you to figure out the areas where you need to work. A detailed comparison will make you learn more about good websites and speed optimization.

2. Change the Host

There are three types of hosting; shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. The first type is very common and most of the websites use shared hosting because it is free. However, it doesn’t ensure your website will work like a perfect site. You should switch to dedicated servers. They are expensive but will boost the speed of your website remarkably.

3. Optimize Image Size

Images on websites are a huge problem for many people. Either they use poor images or heavy images that are hard to load. They are not compatible with the web design and layouts. You need to be careful while using images. Optimize the image size and fix it for all kinds of images. Make sure they load quickly and don’t make a user wait too long.


4. Reduce Plugins

This is really an important factor many bloggers and business companies ignore. There is no denying that plugins help you do certain things that you can’t do. But they are a burden on your website. The plugins affect the speed and optimization of the websites. More plugins mean you need more resources to run those and all the burden falls on website speed. Reduce the number of plugins and let the site work smoothly.

5. Use the Right Font

Nowadays, fancy fonts have become really popular. Every web design comes with a few web fonts but many people don’t like them and they create their own fonts with the help of a good New York web design agency. However, too much use of fonts makes a website less attractive. Only needed and larger fonts should be used to reduce the burden on the site. It will also automatically improve website speed.

6. Reduce Redirects

Redirecting is a serious problem with many websites. This happens when you click on a certain product or section and it leads to another page. Users don’t like this at all. There should be minimal or no redirects at all. This makes a website more credible and faster and more optimized.

7. Fix Broken Links

This usually happens with guest posts on other websites or even on your own website. The keywords linked to certain pages or products are no longer available. This affects the website ranking in the eyes of search engines and affects the speed of the site too. Figure out all such locations and fix the broken links.

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