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6 Things to Know Before Hiring a Limo

by David Ryan
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Very few people ride a limo often other than celebrities or senior executives in big companies. For most people, riding a limo is a luxury. This is why most people don’t know how to hire a limo that suits them well. And so they often regret the choice. If you are one of those most people who are looking forward to hiring a limo, reading this will help you. Before searching for a “limo service near me” in Google, read this to know the things that will make you knowledgeable about hiring a limo.

The Kind of Limo You Want

Before hiring a limo, know what it will be used for. There are different limos for different types of events, e.g. wedding, casino trips, bachelor’s parties, prom, etc. The type of event will decide the type of limo you will take. Now, decide what kind of limo you want. A 12 seat SUV or a 30 seat party bus? A Lincoln Town Car or Hummer H2? Knowing the type of limo beforehand will save you a lot of trouble later.

The reputation of The Limo Service

This goes without saying but some people forget so it needs saying once more. Look up the limo service online before you actually contact them. Read reviews about them and see the type of service they provide. If someone you trust has used the limo service before, ask them if they are really good or not.

Things You Really Want in Your Limo

There are features on a limo that you may think you want only to find out later that you don’t. Hiring a limo with that kind of feature will not do you any good. It will cost you more money as some of those features are extra. Know what types of features you really want, for instance, do you want a lighted ceiling or room for dancing, and then choose the limo accordingly.


Look if They Give You Multiple Quotes

Contacting a limo service doesn’t mean you will have to hire them. Look if you can get multiple quotes from them because basic prices may be the same for different limo service companies but you will spend less if they give you multiple quotes on extra features.

See The Limo Beforehand

Lots of people hire a limo without seeing it before only to later be disappointed. Ask them to arrange a meeting for you to see the limo and if they refuse, contact another service. A good limo service company will arrange this meeting.

Get Things in Paper

Contacting them via phone is alright but you should always everything in writing. Verbal words will not mean anything if things go sideways. Also, ask for an experienced chauffeur as he will make your journey pleasant.


Hiring a good limo is not that hard, really. You just need to know a few things beforehand. We hope after reading this, you now can Google “limo service near me” or “best limo service in Michigan” and find one that suits you the best.

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