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Tips to Boost Your Team’s Engagement in the Pandemic

by David Ryan
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It’s not easy to keep your employees engaged in this crisis. In a hard time of COVID-19, the feeling of people is anxious and powerless. Nobody knows where their financial stand is. And most people are in fear of their health with uncertain about what will happen after the pandemic.

As a result, you have to ensure their health as an employer. Try to make sure their source of living. And it’s most important to take them in the most excellent possible ways.

Although these are not as easy as you can talk about, they are not quite impossible. Here we’re with some tips to keep your team engaged in this pandemic. So, before you look for “how can I get tested for coronavirus,” let’s know the tips below:

Be Personal

We don’t mean to involve the personal like of you team members. But you can really take part in their personal lives. You can give them a good feeling that they’re part of your big family.


That means you should not let them realize they’re workers of your company. You have to inquire them about the families. Also, ask them how they’re struggling at work from home.

If your employees feel they have someone to look after at their bad times, they’ll feel motivated and work harder. So, being personal with your workers is a great way to keep them engaged in work.

Highlight Company Culture

The arrangements of working have changed significantly. But, your company culture should not be changed an inch. When you allow your worker to erode this culture, this may vanish completely over the time the disaster has ended.

You can make sure that you can maintain these things by communicating if you have made the brand around trust and transparency. In this case, you can hold some special activities.

These include lunch & coffee break, team games, happy hours, and other team-building activities. If you become more creative, you can make things happen using video.

Communicate Often

Whenever you get a chance, you should communicate the goals of your company. Also, explain the way your team members effort to contribute to their individual goal.

Discuss with them the way a company can succeed or fail. If your employees understand their small contribution matter much to achieve the bigger goal, they’ll be more productive and dedicated to their duties.

Thus, they’ll automatically start collaborating with other members of the team. So, communication is the key to success in keeping your employees productive and engage.


It would be best if you looked for getting chances to connect with the members of your team. When you can connect with them, listen actively with an open mind to what they talk about.

Also, you can go through informal conversations. You can use casual and carefree conversations that are as friendly as warm and don’t relate to the work. You can talk about the recent pandemic of where to get tested for coronavirus and how to diagnose coronavirus etc.

Your team members will feel valued and will appreciate these. Moreover, you have to lead them by example and motivate them with empowerment. These all are good for your company’s goal achievement.

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