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7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

by David Ryan
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You should avoid the following web design mistakes in 2019.

1. An Overall Poor Web Design

Any website design that is not user-friendly is a poor web design. An attractive and user-friendly web design is always responsive and good for mobile users. This is generally a serious mistake. People try free or cheaper web designs to save money. But they don’t know they are losing a lot and damaging their business as well as online reputation. No customer eve recommends a site to anyone with poor web design.

2. Not Going Mobile-Friendly

Google nowadays prefers mobile-first indexing and ranks the websites first that are mobile friendly. If you are making this mistake now, you should not make it anymore. Make your website mobile friendly because this is the future and people also prefer mobile-friendly websites. Moreover, this is an integral part of responsive web designs these days so no business can afford to make this mistake in 2019.

3. Website Optimization Mistakes

The site optimization includes a number of factors like speed of the site, bounce rate, image loading time, how responsive and quick the site is, better user experience and some others. If your site pages take more than 5 seconds to load, the bounce rate will increase by 90%. And this is something no business site can continue with at all. How can you run a business with such mistakes? Make it your top priority to keep your site optimized. Many Drupal developers Australia know this and never make these mistakes.


4. Poor Web Navigation

Web navigation is directly associated with user experience and customers. You must not make this mistake. Choose a creative web design New York that offers best navigation options and makes navigation easy. Apart from the high bounce rate, poor navigation reduces site traffic and affects the site ranking as well. This should be a focus of every business site to have the best navigation on their sites.

5. Too Many Redirects

When you visit a site and perform an action and it sends you to new pages, this is called redirecting. This is offensive and users really abhor redirects. Whether it is about making payment, clicking on a new site link or buying something, redirects should be reduced. The site should only redirect only where it is needed. This is a serious mistake and everyone should avoid it. You can also mention this to your Drupal developers Australia.

6. Poor Social Integration

Most of the sites keep social media signs and navigation features at the top. This is a mistake and it should be fixed immediately. Rather, the social media integration should be adjusted somewhere that makes the site look attractive. However, some sites have poor social integration and this is bad for a business site. Focus on making social integration better and user-friendly to direct customers to your social profiles.

7. Font and Image Issues

A perfect web design is attractive, catchy, appealing, smooth and maximizes the user experience. Fonts and images are integral parts of a site design. With short, bad or huge fonts and poor-quality images- no one can impress customers with their site and services. A good quality design is pretty affordable so invest some amount in good and responsive web designs.

That’s it. Get help from Drupal developers Australia to have a reliable website made for your business.

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