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Wrap It or Risk It: How to Protect Your Desk During a Move

by David Ryan
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Moving a desk poses risks of damage if not properly wrapped and protected. Follow these expanded tips to flawlessly safeguard any desk during a relocation.

As you prepare for your upcoming move with a moving company in Canada, protecting your furniture should be a top priority. 

Few items require more care than your home office desk, which likely contains valuables like a computer, paperwork, office supplies, and more. 

Attempting to move an unwrapped desk risks scratches, dents, and even dangerous collapse if the desk is structurally unstable.


By properly wrapping and protecting your desk prior to the move, you can avoid damage and safely transport it to your new home. 

This expanded guide will walk you through key tips to wrap any desk like a professional mover. All it takes is some common household materials like blankets, bubble wrap, and stretch wrap.

Gather Your Materials

  • 3-4 furniture pads or thick blankets to cushion all sides
  • Bubble wrap to protect corners and edges
  • Stretch wrap/pallet wrap to securely bind
  • Furniture straps or rope to reinforce
  • Boxes for desk contents like supplies
  • Foam blocks or cut pool noodles to brace moveable components
  • Low-adhesion delicate surface painter’s tape to secure wires, glass, etc.

Special Considerations by Desk Type

Glass desktops are prone to cracking and scratching. Wrap the glass surface with thick blankets or foam before bubble wrapping the edged. Handle the solid protective base separately.

Drawer desks should have the drawers fully emptied and taped/locked shut. Use stretch wrap to bind drawers to the body so they don’t slide open.

Writing desks with lifts, pulls outs, and hidden compartments often have delicate parts that shift or catch. Use small foam blocks to brace these internally before wrapping.

Computer desks need special treatment of wire management holes, keyboard trays, and fragile glass or LCD screen desk accessories. Secure wires with tape and remove accessories to wrap separately.

The 12-Step Method to Flawlessly Wrap Your Desk

Before starting, completely clear off the top and remove all drawers.

  1. Cover the top surface in a layer of bubble wrap secured with tape.
  2. Line the sides and front with furniture pads or thick blankets, secured with tape. Leave the back accessible.
  3. Bubble wrap all sharp corners and edges.
  4. Tape the drawers and doors shut so they don’t swing open using delicate surface tape.
  5. Neatly pack the drawers’ contents in boxes and label accordingly.
  6. Remove detachable legs or supports, wrap separately with padding.
  7. Bind the now-cushioned desk tightly from all sides with stretch wrap.
  8. Further reinforce with furniture straps or rope around the legs and body.
  9. Flip desk onto its back carefully. Cushion and wrap back side.
  10. Upright and double check all previous wrapping is secure.
  11. Mark desk as “fragile”* with big lettering.
  12. Carefully load onto the truck resting on its back if possible!

Follow those 12 key steps precisely while considering special handling needs by desk type, and your desk will arrive at its destination damage-free. Don’t cut corners on wrapping materials or else you risk cutting into your precious desk! Proper preparation with packing materials on hand allows anyone to professionally safeguard a desk.

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