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The DJI 5 Phantom: Some Coolest Possible Feature

by David Ryan
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You may think this drone can be like 2 Plus or Mavic 2. Well, every drone has some different compelling features, and those are important. You may become confused about all features. You need to know your requirement, and then you can select the suitable one for you.

Here you will get some information and wish as well. It will help you to know about the drone feature and its usage. So, before you look for aerial drone services, check it out for more details.

Wish 1

You may want the zoom option for better benefit. Well, the DJI 5 will have a pro 4 Phantom zoom function. This option will let you capture cinematic shots, and it will last for a long time. You will not have to worry about other functions. So, it is a better option for the aerial inspection drone or others.

Wish 2

However, the Pro 4 Phantom has 360° options of anti-collision. It is an excellent option for you, and it will be more beneficial. Also, the sensor side will provide a camera for the back and front.


So, you can capture the best photos and videos. Plus, the quality will be better than other options. If you are looking for a better camera, then it will be a suitable option for you.

Wish 3

The propeller function might disappoint you with this DJI 5. The propeller design is a bit different in this drone. During the average flight, the propeller will not be visible, and it can be a problem.

Also, you will not get any solution for such things. If you need this option, you will become disappointed as you don’t have this option.

Wish 4

Moreover, VR is an important thing, and it seems the drone’s keyword. It is Virtual Reality, and the drone will provide you with such options. It is a great option, and it will help you for different purposes. Plus, you can move the drone and camera as well.

Wish 5

If you get a waterproof option, then it will become a great thing. Everywhere you can use this without any problem. It will be such a fantastic feature.

Wish 6

Additionally, you will get the motto that applies to this drone. Also, you will get a double camera option, and you can use them as you want.

So, it will be beneficial for you and can capture better photos and videos. Moreover, you will have an alternative battery option that you can use for any emergency.

Wish 7

This is the general and final wish. However, if the drone is getting a new upgrading option, it will be more effective, and people will enjoy using it. Also, it will be a much better option and can capture videos and photos with the latest cameras.

Plus, it will be the best quality, and you can compete with all other cameras and drones. So, if you want something practical and different, you cannot get anything better than this drone.

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