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How Being Ecofriendly Can Save You Cash

by David Ryan
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Every responsible human being should think about being eco-friendly because the earth is our home and it’s our responsibility to keep it safe as our junk trash removal Austin services also suggest. Here’s how being eco-friendly can save you some cash.

1. Change the Bulbs


The easiest way to save money is but saving it in electricity. All you need to do is change your incandescent lights to LED bulbs. This can save you 30 percent in your electricity bill as they use 25 to 30 percent less energy. The second-best part is that they last longer too. It is true that they are a bit expensive than incandescent lights but they pay their own value as they last up to 20 years.

2. Green or Second-Hand Furniture



Buying second-hand furniture can save you money, we all know that, but it’s, also, one of the biggest steps of going eco-friendly. People don’t fancy buying second-hand furniture as it’s not considered cool. But think of it this way, buying collector’s pieces at auction can save you money in terms of value. If you don’t want to buy second hand you should go for the green, eco-friendly material. They are every smartly build as well. You don’t have to throw away the whole thing if one-part breaks, just get the broken part replaced and you are good to go. They also last a while.

3. Remote Work

One more big step that organizations can take is letting their employees work from home. This can do a lot in one go. Less gas pollution because there will be less traveling. Less electricity and heat energy as they won’t be using the office space. Working remotely can reduce the carbon footprints hence benefiting the environment. This can work in favor of companies as they can reap profits from their employees working remotely in terms of office rent, electricity and heating bills and such.

4. Eating Healthy


A company can also cut down its carbon footprint by replacing junk with healthy food according to Austin trash removal services. Salad bars in places of vending machines can encourage the employees to eat healthily. Healthier employees mean fewer medical bills and leaves. This also means less wastage; food wastage is the biggest problem of any city. The wastage emits methane which is extremely harmful to the environment. Healthy food wastage can also be converted into compost. Composting saves a lot of money in terms of fertilizers. Many companies are adopting the fashion of composting, this earns them good PR too. So, going eco-friendly makes you famous as well. All these steps can be taken on the individual level as well. Buying in bulk reduced wastage, less packaging means less waste. Composting your leftover food can help your garden as well as the earth.

5. Cooking


You can save a lot even from your kitchen. Using cloth napkins instead of tissues can help you reduce the cost of tissues as the cloth is washable and reusable. Cooking from scratch means no processed food. Which means no plastic waste as there is no packaging, less money spent as you buy less when you cook from scratch and you will know exactly what you are eating.

Being Green isn’t as hard as it seems. It gives you a feeling of responsibility.  You’d feel proud that you are given back something to the mother Earth.

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