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Which Way I Can View My Medical Imaging?

by David Ryan
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Human life is full of danger and hazards. So, unexpectedly we may fall in an accident. As a result, our body parts may damage, bones can break. On the other hand, there are many natural diseases and hazards such as cavities or tumors. For proper treatment, we go to medical and radiologists to take an image.

Somehow, the medical image may be scary for many patients. But we need to view the medical imaging with online PACS software. To view medical images, we have to use cloud and mobile devices. So, choose here which viewer is best for you.

Diagnosing A Human

There are many free tools to view a medical image. Moreover, there are some paid tools to view images. OsiriX is one of the free open sources to view images On the other hand, Horos is free open source desktop software and it has all the features which you need.

Whatever a free open source is not approved by the government to view medical images for privacy matters. So, a free open source is also not approved diagnostically. Most importantly, it is common law for all that to view a medical image it should be diagnostically approved.


Besides, we always recommend using the web-based viewer. In short, a cloud-based web viewer has the ultimate PACS cloud storage with quality and efficiency. So, the cloud has limitless storage capacity and no clutter. On the other hand, it has an instant sharing option, easy access and diagnostically approved for medical images.

Diagnosing An Animal

Most importantly, there is no need to know for a veterinarian that his patient is protected or not. But he can take the information in a special case. So, short-term storage for medical images, the desktop viewer is the right option. Whatever, you can choose a cloud for treating horses.

But, you cannot use a desktop everywhere but use your android mobile. Consequently, for a student or medical illustrator, you don’t need to diagnose a patient based on images. At this moment you need to choose a cloud.

Patient Or Pet Parent

There is extreme power on the healthcare specialist’s hands, because they treat you. So, you must give him access to your information about what they need. But sometimes it is not possible to say directly to the doctor.

For instance, you can use your cloud to share your medical report and other information. Finally, you just need to give him access to the share option. Above all, you need an instant share.

Get PiX

Get PiX is a free platform for patients and pet parents. Though it is a free patient portal, it gives you access to manage your medical and veterinary images and reports. If you need to get or share your images with your physician, you just need to upload your images.


In short, to view the medical images and reports, we suggest you use the cloud. Certainly, we also suggest Get Pix for all. It might be the best medium to connect with the physician, patients, and pet parents. 

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