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Let’s Know About the Best ND Filters for DJI Mini 2

by David Ryan
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When you’re new to the fascinating world of aerial surveying drones, you may have never heard of ND filters. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people do this as a pastime.

Some may get interests in the flying experience, while others want to photograph their vacation. And without ado, let’s look at how these filters function.

These are the most popular, their qualities, and which Mini 2 pilots like. Therefore, before you look for drone surveying services, let’s know more about ND filters.

The Purpose of an ND Filter

Consider their sunglasses for your drone camera to understand how ND filters work. This accessory’s grayed surface. That has placed directly in front of the lens limits the quantity of light that reaches the sensor. They call it “neutral” because they don’t change the color of the light they collect.


ND Filter Varieties

Since your demands will vary, you should invest in a set of ND filters. They provide various effects depending on what they have intended to use for. Let’s have a look at what kinds are available on the market.


The multicoated UV filter protects the camera lens from smudges and scratches. It also aids in the reduction of lens flares and light glares.


The round shape is the most common among the numerous alternatives on the market. A circular polarizer/linear filter has used to minimize glare from reflected surfaces. This filter darkens the sky while brightening the colors.

Numbered filters

The number of ND filters used corresponds to the amount of light lowered. As a result, an ND2 filter cuts the light in half, while an ND8 filter cuts it in eighths.

ND Filter Applications

Now you’ve learned about the many sorts of ND filters; you might be asking what they have used for. You may put your ND filter pack to use in various ways. Let me show you a few of them.

Urban landscapes

It is extremely simple to produce the famed long-exposure look at night while shooting metropolitan settings. This image results from nighttime stabilized photo with a low shutter speed. Using the smallest aperture and lowest ISO possible during the day, on the other hand, will overexpose your shot.

As a result, an ND filter is necessary to get the same effect. Using one of these adapters for your drone’s lens, you may increase the shutter speed and add motion blur. It gives your images a sense of movement.

A Much of Light? That’s OK.

I believe we have all suffered overexposure due to bright sunny days. Use an ND8 or ND16 filter to avoid it. You will photograph without incident due to the filter’s darkness added to the image. 

The Bottom Line

This is tough to determine which Mini 2 ND filter (or bundle) is ideal. It’s because it depends on how many options you want and how much money you’re willing to pay. Instead, I’ll show you some of the most popular selections, as well as the best all-around and budget-friendly sets.

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