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Beginners Guide to Wigs

by David Ryan
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If you love to try different hairstyles and colors but not on the cost of damaging your hair, then wigs are made for you. If you do not know which wig is for you then read the detailed guide below.

What is a Wig?


A wig is a hairpiece then is work on your head or scalp for a new look or a change in style or due to any illness. It is made from human hair and synthetic fibers and there are many different designs, styles, colors, and textures of wigs available for you to choose from. As a first time, it is recommended to use Luffy hair wigs as it is known and trusted wig brand.

Why is a Wig Needed?



It is mostly needed by celebrities as their job needs a frequent change of color, cut and style so the wig is an easy option without causing any damage to natural hair. Also, wigs are used to try out a different color or trend by some women. Some cancer patients who have faced severe hair fall or baldness or any other illness also require wigs to cover up their baldness till hair regrows.

Different Textures of Wigs

Natural Human Wigs: These are made from 100% natural hair and are quite expensive. They are most natural looking and can last you a year with proper hair care and maintenance. These hairs are very versatile and you can style them as you want.

1. Remy Hair Wigs


These are also made from natural human hair and have not gone through any chemical process but have been steam processed to create extra shine and thickness and to create different styles. All the cuticles are aligned and these are mostly tangle free.

2. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair

There are many different qualities in synthetic hair, higher quality synthetic hair resembles natural human hair. Synthetic hair goes through a series of chemical processes to achieve a natural look shine and texture. They are quite affordable as compared to natural and Remy hair wigs. Synthetic hair has limited styling options as heated tools cannot be used on the hair as it can cause the hair to melt and severely damage.

These hair wigs mostly last 6 to 7 months and need proper care. There are also heat friendly synthetic hair wigs available in which heated product can be used.  But they are not of good quality and can last only 2 to 3 months.

Types of Wigs

1. Ready-Made Wigs


These are widely available with different sellers and vendors. These are synthetic wigs and are pre-styled and are quite affordable. However, for the best, go for Luffy hair wigs only.

2. Lace-Front Wigs


These are human hair made wigs (available in Luffy hair wigs) with lace type closure which is sewn on the wigs crown and is blended to look like natural hair and the then the ends are sewn from ear to ear.

3. Full Lace Wig


These are made from human hair and hair is braided first tightly. It is made from a ventilated lace cap which allows hair to part and style in all sides. The front is glued together without getting the glue on the hair and then placing the wig and attaching wig clips.

4. Custom Made


As the name says you can choose a wig, hair, style, color, cut and head size according to your requirements.

After knowing a different kind of hair extensions, you may choose which one will you buy and proceed to buy from online shops or local shops. But before that, there is something you should know about buy hair wholesale. For that, stay tuned with us.

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