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Pros & Cons of Having Microblading Treatment

by David Ryan
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Some people take pride in taking fashion chances or seeking new foods from all over the world. I take pride in experimenting with new beauty treatments, products, and services before they become famous. Many people look for “micro-needling treatment near me” or others for beauty treatments.

For example, I tried micro-blading before it became popular. People were intrigued by it — who doesn’t want dream brows? — but it wasn’t a readily available operation. I went to a popular micro-blading salon in Jacksonville in late 2016 to see if I could find the same brow nirvana that so many celebrities had.

Before Googling micro-blading Jacksonville fl, read out this pros and cons guide on the treatment from my own experience.

The Pros

In the morning, you waste less time getting up.

Any microblade brows might be fine without any additional product. Still, even if you decide to fill them in, the form is already created. As a result, it’s more like drawing the mask than it is about geometry.


They are always framing your face.

You will be more awake and, in some circumstances, younger if you get your brows finished. Since my face is perfectly framed, I can run errands and feel put-together without putting on any makeup.

It is now affordable than ever before.

The cost of having my brows microblade was exorbitant. However, it was one of the few places that had the service at the time. Since so many people are now qualified in the service, finding an inexpensive technician in your area is relatively simple. Thanks to the service’s growing popularity, Microblading Map was developed to assist in locating practitioners in your region.

The color starts to disappear.

I was warned that the oil might cause my brows to fade faster than expected. My brows were initially too dark for my hair and skin tone, and the hair strokes I had immediately following my service had vanished by six months. I like how they look now: they’re smoother and lighter. I still have the outline to lead me while filling them in.

The Cons

There is a chance for user error.

When you have your eyebrows micro-bladed, there is a slew of after-care instructions to follow. These aren’t negotiable — one blunder could jeopardize how your brows recover and look in the long run. You could end up spending more money restoring your brows as a result of mistakes made in the first four weeks. Just make sure your brows don’t get wet from sweat or water.

Not every esthetician is the same.

Anyone can put stolen images on their Instagram and claim to be an expert, so do your homework. Your technician should have no trouble giving you their license or sharing where they practiced if you use Yelp to research brow artists. Don’t go ahead with your appointment if you feel uncomfortable following your consultation or before it.

It’s just temporary.

The ink indeed fades with time, as I said. If you like the form and appearance of your brows, this may be beneficial. It can be frustrating otherwise. The pigment can be removed, but it’s expensive. If you’re frustrated with your brows, discuss your choices with your esthetician.

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