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Best MRI Viewer Online Software & Apps

by David Ryan
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We’ll learn about MRI viewer online software and apps in this content. But, we’ll know what MRI is and its related information first. MRI is the short form of the term: “Magnetic Resonance Imaging.” It’s a type of scan using radio waves and strong magnetic fields to generate the inside image of the body. The most of the disks CD/ DVD are DICOM format CDs if you have one of them with the images are created of medical purpose. For any medical images, this is the highest standard format. If you have DICOM images of your MRI you need to use special software named DICOM viewer. It also uses to see the image of the CT scan.

Why Does MRI Scan Perform?

An MRI scan is a critical test to perform. If you’re allowed to do this test, you can get a clear view of your internal parts of your body. The test goes through your whole internal area from most of the angles. It means that the test helps you to find out if you have any health issue. Usually, it’s done for the different health conditions to get their actual view. After finding the issue, your physician can take the proper decision to treat you.


What are the Best MRI Viewer Online Apps?

You’ll find apps for almost everything, so why not for MRI viewing? Yes, you have heard it that there are MRI viewer online apps. There are many mobile apps at the App Store for DICOM files. If you don’t know about them let’s know about some of the MRI viewer apps below:


Aycan Mobile

This app is actually for the iPad and it allows receive and show the images and text of DICOM files. The app is as easy as fast and secure to use. The app works only with the workstation of aycon DICOM that’s founded on Osirix. You should subscribe to use their service and there is a 30-day free trial.


If you want to use this app you need either an iPad or an iPhone. This is a real-time tool to collaborate image and performing video conference. Once upon a time, it was at the number one position on the App Store as a downloading app. You can register yourself to use the app without any cost. And you also have the option to use its premium version for the cost of a yearly amount $19.99.


DICOM Mobile

This is simply a powerful app for DICOM viewer. You can run it both in iPad and iPhone. The app costs $2.99 along with other in-app purchase if you want the extensions. You can load your DICOM files using DropBox.

Apart from the above apps, there are some other well-known apps as well. Some of them are, for example, DICOM Viewer HD, DICOM IR, OsiriX, Mobile-MIM, Doximity, Epocrates CME and many more.


After completing the MRI it’s time to get the report what complication has come out. And this time you need to use MRI viewer online apps or DICOM viewer for Android. But, don’t think that you have a dreadful illness with no talking to the expert physician if you see anything that you can’t understand about the image and text.

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