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3 Best Medical Technological Advances For a Better Tomorrow

by David Ryan
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3 Best Medical Technological Advances For a Better Tomorrow

Nowadays, we are very busy with our lives. Whether we are doing our 9-5 jobs or running a business, we tend to forget to look after our health. We are so fascinated by our goals and ambitions that we miss our daily routine check-ups. 

Thankfully, advanced medical technology is progressing and eventually replacing the aspect of health care into a new dynamic. Here are the 3 medical technological advances that can create a better future for everyone.


(Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a DNA and gene modification tool. A powerful tool that enables researchers to fix certain genetic defects, treat and prevent the spreading of diseases, and improve crops’ growth and resilience. 

The shorthand name for it is “CRISPR-Cas9.” CRISPRs are specialized stretches of DNA. Cas9 is an enzyme that acts like a pair of molecular scissors capable of slicing into strands of DNA. A relatively simple single-celled microorganisms domain is derived from bacteria and archaea’s natural defense mechanisms.


These microorganisms use CRISPRs-derived RNA, a molecule similar to DNA, and different Cas proteins to foil attacks by viruses. The organisms chop up the DNA from it and then preserve some of it in their cells to use it as a weapon whenever the viruses try to attack again. When the components of CRISPR move into a more complex organism, those components can then operate the genes, called “gene editing.”

Digital Therapeutics

The doctor prescribes these therapeutics when a patient has a specific medical condition. It is an app used on a smartphone or a desktop. This app can examine accurate physical conditions like other medications and track regular check-ups. 

This app is suitable for medical conditions like diabetes type 1 and 2, cancer, anxiety, muscular pain, ADHD, asthma, migraines, insomnia, and even substance abuse. When the patient uses the app, it diagnoses their well-being and reports back to the physician. It allows doctors to monitor patients without seeing them regularly and detect problems as soon as possible.

Cancer Immunotherapy

This therapy is one of the best modern medical technology advances of all time. Immunotherapy changes the meaning in the medical world, primarily by curing un-curable diseases. 

The idea of Immunotherapy is to genetically alter a patient’s cells to work along with the body’s immune system to fight cancer. It does not destroy healthy cells as collateral damage, unlike chemotherapy.

Instead, the cells can detect and destroy more cancer cells and reduce tumor growth by altering the immune system.


Although there is much improvement in the medical world, we need to take care of our bodies by ourselves. We need to reduce the habit of eating more junk and processed food. 

So, always eat healthily and have a balanced diet. Try to drink more and more water. It will help you stay hydrated. Always walk for a few minutes every day, if possible. Let us know what you think about these technological advancements in the medical field. That’s a wrap for today. Till then stay safe and take care.

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