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7 Cheapest Cars To Buy In Philippines

by David Ryan
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There are a number of good vehicles with great performance and fuel efficiency but are really affordable for anyone. Here is the list of cheapest cars that you can buy in the Philippines.

1. Honda Brio


Honda has been making outstanding cars in the past and in recent years. Honda cars are usually expensive but Brio is an exclusive model that is cheaper and offers better features. This car is powered with a 100 horsepower engine and provides 13 kilometers of distance in just one liter of fuel. The other features offered in the car make it an awesome family car for people with a limited budget.

2. Kia Picanto 1.0 EX



This car comes from the South Korean automaker, Kia. This is one of the cheapest cars you can buy in the Philippines. It is not only affordable but comes packed with a lot of important and must-have features. It has been powered with a 69 horsepower engine and has an amazing fuel efficiency. It is also known as Kia Morning in South Korean and has been a popular car around the globe.

3. Chevrolet Spark


Chevrolet has not been making affordable and small hatchbacks. But it has stepped in this category to capture the increasing market demand with its Spark model. The car has a stunning design and looks beautiful from inside and outside. It features a 66 horsepower engine with great fuel economy. This car makes a perfect small SUV with four seats for a small family.

4. Suzuki Alto 800


Are you looking for Suzuki Alto price Philippines? Here we have covered you. The Suzuki Alto price the Philippines is lower than many cars listed here. This little car comes from the Japanese automaker that has a great name in making affordable and safe cars for its consumers. Suzuki Alto price Philippines shows it can be a great family car for anyone.

5. Toyota Wigo


Toyota has been introducing cars in every category. Thus the brand is quite reliable no matter what car it launches. But for people with a limited budget, the Wigo version is outstanding. It has an awesome design and beautiful interior. This hatchback comes with a 64 horsepower engine and has a great mileage when it comes to its fuel efficiency.

6. Mitsubishi Mirage


Though this car is a bit expensive than all listed above it is still an affordable but quality car for anyone. Mirage features a powerful engine and also offers great fuel economy when compared to other vehicles of this range. It makes a perfect small SUV. Even, the car has been ranked on top when it comes to affordable and safe cars.

7. Geely LC GB


The Chinese automaker Geely has been making really affordable small cars. This model is dubbed as the copy of Toyota Aygo. But it has a nice design with stunning interior and amazing features. The car is also affordable with great fuel economy and a powerful engine. This can make a perfect family car, especially for the newlywed couples.

So, that’s all for now. Hope the list mentioned above will help you at least a little if you are planning to buy a new car.

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