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The Reasons of Not Ranking Your Website & Content

by David Ryan
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If you’re a content marketer, then you know it’s a very common challenging task. You frequently encounter one issue with your clients when you’re starting first work. And it’s that their website or content is to getting expected rank in Google or some other search engines.

It happens due to many reasons and lack of getting any digital marketing services is the major one. The clients might be frequently complaining that they don’t get enough leads to their site.

Also, they may state they’re not getting the issue with their inbound and no improvement despite good content and keyword research. So, let’s know what the issues are taking you to the back as one of the “SEO companies near me”.

Your Website Speed Is Very Slow

Notable thing is that Google always looks at the engagement metrics such as sticking on the bounce rate of your website. Because of this rate, Google identifies if people are getting your website valuable or not. It helps you ranking your site, and vice versa if your site seems to be important.


Users will not get a chance to find the value you offer if they aren’t willing to attach for your page loading time. If it happens then search engines are probably unenthusiastically impacted your site rankings. So, you have to fix the issue by testing the speed of your site and by taking essential steps.

Your Content Targeting the Wrong Keywords

If it’s not obvious to search engines of the questions you want to answer, you’re heading forget a tough time ranking. While having well-cleared content, people will understand easily what you’re going to say or offer.

This is not just website pages packed with industry terminology that people might be not looking for. The best and effective way to do it is just performing keyword research for your web content.

It’s applicable for all types of content you include on your website. So, start with keyword research that will make sure you have targeted the correct keywords. For example, Google Ads is the right place to get the right keyword for your website.

You’re Not Regular at Publishing

You already know that it’s not just good to publish blogs weekly if it’s not in the right quality. But, you should publish your greatly optimized content regular basis. It’ll ensure picking up of your website at the expected rank.

So, we suggest and it’s a kind of rule that you should publish 2 to 3 new content weekly. It’s because it’ll help you to keep in front of the prospects. Also, it’ll keep you a peak of mind for those who already are familiar with it. While doing this, it’ll allow you to know about your relevance in this concern.

Bottom Line

When it comes to fixing the issue of content publishing, you have to make an editorial schedule and get writing. Also, get it a right of way to make public new enlightening content on your website 2/3 times every week. However, again, this is not only the quantity that you should count; you should consider their quality as well.

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