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How to Dispose of Your Old TV

by David Ryan
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Well, I guess there is an old television in every house and people are quite concerned about what to do with it exactly. You can’t throw it in the trash so I am enlisting below few tips which might help you in getting rid of your old TV.

1. Contact the TV Manufacturer

Often times, many TV manufacturers offer to take your old television back and recycle it themselves. There are often some schemes where manufacturers offer buy-back programs too so you may also check if you can avail such an offer. But make sure the manufacturer follows the eco-friendly way of recycling old televisions as dumping it without any precaution may harm the environment very badly.

2. Sell It Away in a Garage Sale

You can also sell it away if you are sure that your old television still works. We are sure someone will must grab your old television and pay you some amount too if it is working perfectly fine. Mostly, garage sales are considered as a perfect option to sell your old television where people often look for old electronic items which are in a working condition.

3. Check Out the Local Recycling Companies

In order to save the environment from harmful things, there are many recycling companies operating out there. You can contact one of them and check if they are willing to take away your television for recycling purpose as electronics recycling is done by a very few companies. These companies follow the best and completely eco-friendly ways of recycling your television so you can comfortably handover your old TV to them.


4. Donate to Some Organizations

If you are not willing to sell your old TV in any garage sale then you can also check the options of donating it to some organizations. There are some shelter homes, public libraries, hospitals or many other charitable organizations that are willing to accept old electronics in donation. But obviously, make sure you have fixed all problems and your TV is working perfectly fine too so it can be useful for them as well.

5. Check Out Waste Management Services Provided by Government

There are so many government schemes out there that offer waste management services so you may check with them too for sorting out your old television. But make sure they do accept electronics waste too before taking your old TV to them. Also, do not forget to keep your identification proof with you as they do not accept anything without proper information of waste provider.

6. Contact the Junk Removal Companies

If none of the above options are workable for you then the last and best option is to contact the trash removal Queens companies who are always at your disposal to help you in every possible way.

This is the best thing about these trash removal Queens NY services is that they can collect big sized and heavy junk from your house which may include electronic appliances, furniture, carpets, mattresses and many other kinds of junk.


Now you can have a pretty good clarity about what to do with your old TV so we wish you good luck in sorting this out, cheers!

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