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5 Helpful Tips On How To Price Your House

by David Ryan
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The most important thing while selling a house is to price it correctly. The price should be set according to the actual worth of the house. Here are some simple techniques that might help you in pricing your house correctly.

1. Try Online Calculators

There are several websites on the internet where you can get an estimated price for your house. All you would have to do is add the data that the website will ask then the calculator will run and show you an estimated price based on the information you added for which you can sell your house.

2. Put Yourself in Buyers’ Shoes

As a seller, you would want your house to be sold for the best price possible but, you should also look from the buyer’s point of view that what qualities does your house have to attract the buyers? Give your home a thorough look as a buyer, think about the things that you would and would not like to see in your house, add and replace those things and then try price the house accordingly. Also, think that will a buyer be satisfied with the price and the house? This would help you in pricing the house fairly.

3. Know Market Value

As a regular homeowner, you won’t have much knowledge about the market values of homes. So, visit the market, check the internet and know the ups and downs in the prices. There are times when the market value of homes is extremely high (sometimes overpriced too) and there come times when the value falls down drastically. Determine the time when the prices are high and when they are low so that you can check it for your house and set a price according to it.


4. Know the Basic Factors

The price of any house solely depends on the following factors:

  • Square foot
  • Age of the house
  • The location where it is situated
  • Number of rooms and bathrooms in the house

You can do research in the market for prices on the basis of these factors and then set a price or simply leave the matter on the agent.

5. Hire an Appraisal

An appraisal is a professional who examines your house and tells you what could be its value in the market. Before you hire an appraisal, ensure that they are experienced enough especially with determining the market value of homes in your area.

6. Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Hiring an experienced realtor would make things a lot easier for you because you won’t have to run here and there to get the idea of prices in the market and all. An experienced real estate agent would be well aware of the types of houses and what their price should be. Moreover, they would have all the basic factors in their mind to check while pricing. With the help of a realtor, you can come up with an extremely suitable and worthy selling price for your house.

Before pricing houses, it’s better to get it cleaned up for a better impression on buyers. If you’re worried about what to do with junk and heavy items, there are junk removal companies that haul them away.

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Pricing the house rightly is way harder than selling it. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind before you set the final price for your house.

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