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Things to Look Out For Your Mobile Home Leveling

by David Ryan
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Homes drop over time. Regardless of how they are built or the soil on which they are built. Some houses won’t sustain much damage. And you won’t even notice it settling. It depends on the strength of the foundation and general structural quality.

On the other hand, mobile houses are more prone to settling and have destroyed during the process. Thus, your mobile home needs to relive.

However, in most circumstances, it is not too difficult. And it is a job that you can complete on your own. Therefore, before looking for cheap modular buildings, let’s know the things.

Tools That Need To Level Your Mobile Home

You’ll require a few tools to level the mobile home:


Mobile jack: You’ll need the jack to elevate your house to the proper level.

Level: A six-foot level, to be precise. You’ll need it to determine where you need to make changes to your home.

Shims: These little bits of wood are critical. You may level your property by inserting them between the beams and pillars.

Flashlight: You may need to go beneath your house, which will need the use of a flashlight.

PPE: PPE Gloves, a hard helmet, and protective eyewear can keep you safe as you level your mobile home.

Hammer: To secure the shims in place, you’ll need a hammer.

Woodblock: Securing your mobile jack with a wood block is a brilliant idea while not required.

Chalk: You’ll have to get a mark that pillars you require to level.

Mobile Home Leveling Guide

First and Foremost, Safety

It is critical to put on your safety equipment specified above before beginning work. Anyone assisting you should wear safety gear as well. And you should not remove it during the leveling procedure.

Remove the Mobile Home Skirting

To reach the pillars, you’ll need to remove the skirting from your mobile home. While you work on leveling, slowly remove the skirting and store it somewhere secure.

Preparation for Plumbing & Electrical

It is easy to harm your electrical and plumbing infrastructure when leveling your property. There are a few steps you may take to avoid injury. Check for contact places between your plumbing and the home’s beams before you begin elevating it.

By anchoring the plumbing lines to the foundation of your home, you can ensure that they will not be impacted when you elevate the beams.

Examine What Should Change

You’ll need to figure out which pillars need to be tweaked now. You’ll go from pillar to pillar, beginning in the center of your home. Place your six-foot level against each beam near the pillars to see leaning. Examine each beam and pillar and note the ones that need to be adjusted.

Elevate the Beam

You’ve determined which beams must raise; it’s time to do it. You will need a jack, a level, shims, and a hammer. It’s a risky process, so take your time.

Place your jack and level on the beams and slowly elevate them until they are level. Once your beams are level and your jack is secure, you may place a shim between the beam and the pillar.

Besides all of these you should also know about the portable modular office buildings, which is also beneficial for you.

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