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Let’s Know About a Modular Raised Ranch Turnkey

by David Ryan
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In the last essay, I discussed the benefits of a modular raised ranch. Now let’s talk about what the general contractor (GC) has to do to “button up” one. The modular raised ranch with a kneewall, pass under garage and recessed split level entry.

You must choose whether you want the GC to complete the split stairwell with a railing or a partial wall. The foundation walls on the other three sides of your home will be eight tall from the basement floor to the bottom of the modules.

Therefore, before you look for modular storage containers, let’s know more about this issue.

Do a Split

Let’s begin with what your general contractor must accomplish to create a “split” entry at the front door. At the front entrance, the overall height of the foundation will be 8′. The main floor will be 4′ above grade at the front entrance.


This is when the set team sets the modules on top of the 8′ wall. The basement level will be 4′ below grade. And the entry will be midway or divided between the primary and basement floors.

The split entry at the front of a modular raised ranch positions the door between the main level and the basement. The split entry at the front of a modular raised ranch positions the door between the main level and the basement.

The Basement Walls

The head of the structure for each of these walls may position at grade, 4′ above grade, or elevated a full 8′ above grade. It depends on the lay of the ground. Any walls 8′ or higher can make concrete or wood frames.

In any case, they will erect on top of a 4′ concrete “frost” wall that will build below grade. This is making these walls 12′ tall. Because the GC can also construct an escape door, these walls are called “walkout” walls. If you create a basement drive-under garage, the foundation walls will also be 8′ above grade.

Finishing the Electrical Chores

The foyer light must wire to turn on from the top of the steps. It’s the front door and the bottom of the stairs. The modular home should wire so that the electrician may work with both lights.

He should wire the front-door light to turn on from both the top of the stairs and the front entrance. The electrician should also install a receptacle on the landing, and the HVAC contractor should provide heat to the entryway.

Putting the Finishing Touches on a Modular Raised Ranch

The construction of the split entry of a prefab-raised ranch necessitates some on-site work by the general contractor. The GC must build the entrance landing. Install the front door, and build the stairs up to the first floor and the basement.

This is after cutting the temporary rim joist erected by the modular manufacturer to reinforce the home for delivery. It will seal off the first floor and stairway from the basement. Unless you finish the basement right away, the building code has required this phase. One more thing I would like to add that, you can also Google for the storage containers in New York.

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