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How to Prevent Your Skate Shoes from Wearing Out Too Fast?

by David Ryan
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If you’re a skater, you know how frustrating it can be to see your favorite pair of skate shoes get torn up by the grip tape, the concrete, and the constant friction of your feet.

Skate shoes are not cheap, and they are not meant to last forever. But why do they wear out so fast, and what can you do to extend women’s skating shoes lifespan?

The Main Causes of Skate Shoe Wear and Tear

Skate shoes are designed to provide comfort, support, and protection for your feet while you skate.

They are also made to give you optimal board feel and control, which means they have to be flexible and grippy.


However, these features also make them more vulnerable to damage from the harsh conditions of skateboarding.

Some of the main causes of skate shoe wear and tear are:

Grip tape

The rough surface of the grip tape is essential for keeping your feet on the board, but it also acts like sandpaper on your shoes.

The more you slide your feet on the grip tape, the more you wear down the upper material of your shoes, especially in the toe and ollie areas.


The hard and abrasive surface of the concrete can also take a toll on your shoes, especially if you skate on rough or uneven terrain.

The impact of landing tricks, bailing out, or scraping your shoes on the ground can cause cuts, holes, or cracks in your shoes.


The constant movement of your feet inside your shoes can also cause friction, which can lead to blisters, hot spots, or tears in the lining or stitching of your shoes.

Friction can also make your shoes lose their shape or elasticity over time.

How to Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer?

While you can’t completely avoid skate shoe wear and tear, you can take some steps to make your skate shoes last longer.

Here are some tips and tricks from a professional editor and skater:

Choose the right skate shoes

Not all skate shoes are created equal. Some are more durable than others, depending on the material, construction, and design.

For example, suede is more resistant to abrasion than canvas or leather, vulcanized soles are more flexible than capsules, and reinforced toe caps or ollie pads can add extra protection to high-wear areas.

You should also choose skate shoes that fit well and are comfortable for your feet.

Rotate your skate shoes

If you skate often, you should have more than one pair of skate shoes. This way, you can rotate them and give them time to rest and recover.

Rotating your skate shoes can also prevent them from getting too dirty or smelly, which can affect their performance and durability.

women's best skating shoes
best women's skating shoes

Use shoe goo or duct tape

Shoe goo is a special adhesive that can repair holes or cracks in your skate shoes. You can apply it to the damaged areas and let it dry overnight.

Duct tape is another option that can cover up holes or tears in your skate shoes. You can cut a piece of duct tape and stick it to the inside or outside of your shoe.

However, these methods are only temporary solutions and won’t restore the original quality of your shoe.

Buy shoe protectors

Shoe protectors are products that can add an extra layer of protection to your skate shoes.

They come in different forms, such as rubber toe caps, leather patches, or plastic shields.

You can attach them to your skate shoes using glue, Velcro, or straps. Shoe protectors can help prevent or reduce damage from grip tape, concrete, or friction.

Clean your skate shoes

Keeping your skate shoes clean can also help them last longer.

Dirt and moisture can weaken the material and stitching of your skate shoes, making them more prone to tearing or cracking.

You should clean your skate shoes regularly using a soft brush, mild soap, and warm water.

You should also dry them properly and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat sources.

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