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What’s The Difference Between Flat Bar, Urban, And Hybrid Bikes?

by David Ryan
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Cycling is a healthy hobby. It not only keeps you active and in shape but can also save you gasoline money if you use the bike for your daily commute. But even if you decide to just stick to recreational cycling, you’ll still be getting plenty of good exercises and outdoor fun.

Not cycles are versatile enough to be used for everything. So, before you go out and buy one for yourself, you need to have a clear purpose in mind for it. Whether you want to get one for fitness, road, commute or just fun, you are going to have to choose anyone from these three styles.

  • Flat Bar
  • Urban
  • Hybrid

They may look a lot similar to each other but all three bikes have different features and serve a different purpose.

Let’s highlight some of their differences to better understand their performance and which one would be right for your needs. It is also important if you’re looking for used Trek mountain bikes for sale online.


Flat Bar Bikes

This is more or less a traditional road bike except that these have flat handlebars instead of the usual drop-down ones. These handlebars give it a sportier look than the other two in our list. their light weight also makes them easier to maneuver on the road. Many of the models feature gears that are optimized for different speed levels but they are not as aggressive as you would expect a sports bike to be. It’s comfortable to ride, requires you to sit in an upright position and are perfect for recreation and daily commute.

Urban Bikes

Just as the name suggests, urban bikes are designed specifically for the city roads. They are more suitable for shorter distances and often come with wet weather fenders and racks to help carry some luggage. They also feature a flat handlebar design but are a lot less versatile. They usually have a very strong frame to match the urban environment and are on the heavier side. Not too optimized for speed as they are meant only for inner city commuting, they normally have only a single gear or quite a smaller range.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid takes the most popular features from the most popular style of bikes and brings them all together in one place, hence the name, hybrid. It is not only one of the most comfortable bikes to ride, but it is also very efficient and can even be used for off-road riding. The tires on this one are a bit wider than the other two, making it suitable for different types of terrain. A standard hybrid bike usually features a range of gears and a front suspension. Good enough to serve just about every purpose, the hybrid is one of the best bikes to go for if you are confused about how and where you are going to riding yours.

If this isn’t enough to help you decide for a new bike or choosing from Trek bikes frames for sale, go to a bike shop and compare the three to understand the basic difference or may have a test ride. You can also ask the salesman or the owner at the shop about which one would best meet your needs. Hope to see you on the road soon. Bye!

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