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Get More Customers By GeoTagging Your GMB Photos!

by David Ryan
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Boosting your Google My Business SEO ranking is crucial for any local small business owner looking to get more customers.

One easy but overlooked tactic is to affordable SEO services for small business geo-tag photos that you upload to your GMB listing.

So what is geo-tagging and how does it help your local SEO?

What Is Geo-Tagging?

Geo-tagging adds GPS coordinates to your photos, marking the exact geographical location where they were taken.


This provides key signals to Google about your business location.

When you enable location tagging in your phone’s camera app, it embeds latitude and longitude data into the photo metadata.

GMB then reads this data when you upload geotagged photos.

Why Geo-Tagging Improves Local SEO

Here are 3 key benefits of geo-tagging your GMB photos:

  • Provides location relevance signals –Google wants to serve the most relevant search results. Geo-tags show your exact store location, indicating high relevance for local searches.
  • Helps your listing stand out –Geo-tagged photos make your GMB listing more visually appealing. This improves click-through rates and listing quality.
  • Boosts your local ranking – By clearly showing your location, geo-tagging helps shift your GMB listing higher in the local pack and map rankings.
best & affordable seo services for small business

Best Practices for Geo-Tagging

Follow these tips to maximize the SEO benefits:

  • Use a high-quality camera – Crisp, clear photos tend to perform better. Use your smartphone’s default Camera app.
  • Capture different angles – Show both exterior and interior shots from various angles to showcase your whole business.
  • Add descriptive captions –Well-written captions optimize your listing for relevant keyword searches.
  • Tag 5-10 photos –Adding several geo-tagged photos provides the strongest signals. But more than 10 doesn’t improve much.
  • Refresh photos quarterly –Google rewards fresh imagery. Update your photos every 3 months if possible.
  • Enable geo-tagging in-app –Turn on the camera’s location tagging before you start shooting photos to embed the coordinates.

Geo-Tagging Is a Quick Win for Local SEO

Geo-tagging your GMB photos takes just a little time but offers huge SEO gains.

As you saw from my client John’s success story, it can help your local business listing stand out, look more appealing, and rank higher in local search results.

Give it a try and let me know if you see an uptick in website traffic and new customers finding your business online! I’d be happy to offer more affordable SEO tips to help small businesses like yours grow.

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