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Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers to Double Their Rates

by David Ryan
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The newest figures reveal the average open e-mail rate of around 22% for the legal profession. You have some work to do to improve these available rates if your email campaigns are below this standard.

Here are five recommendations for helping you. So, before you look for estate planning New Jersey, let’s know more about email marketing for lawyers.

Resend Your Subscribers That Didn’t Open Your Email

You may assume you can do little to reach the non-openers with your message once you send an email to your list. Oh, but that’s there. You can return to subscribers who didn’t open them the same e-mail campaign. Change your topic line is all you need to do.

Any e-mail distribution provider that you employ. These include Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc. Just look in the Help section for instructions. You have only a few days to wait to resubmit.


While the first time you send your email, your open rate will not be that large. You’ll raise the quantity of subscribers who read your email. So, they will open it by searching “probate lawyer near me” and the next time they receive an email from you.

Clean the List

It would help if you asked them whether they would still like to hear from you. You have persons on your list who did NOT read your emails over the last 18 months. It doesn’t damage you; it enables you to remove inactive subscribers. Your open rates will increase.

Your bounce rate will decline, and your email marketing expenditures will drop. Search the help library on the “slim list,” and you will find instructions on how to send your one and 2-star subscribers re-engagement campaigns.

These are the ones who have not done a lot of business with your emails. The following are sometimes mentioned. So, send a campaign of re-engagement at least three times before you remove them.

Segment the List

The better your e-mails are, the greater your open rate will be for your receivers. You must segment your list using parameters that match with the areas of your subscriber interest.

These include car accidents, motorbike accidents. Or, it may be purchases settings (prospective/new customer/repeat customer/old customer) to ensure relevance.

There is no business within the past year. You are creating campaigns to help you increase your open rates for each segment. So, it speaks to the specific characteristics of each labor.

A/B Check Subject Lines

You should be A/B testing your campaigns if you have a huge list – more than 5,000 subscribers. Test a small proportion of two distinct subject lines, and then roll out the top-performing subject line to your full list.

Check Open Rates To Make Better Subject Lines

See your top 5 email campaigns that are best performed and poorest to find out what they share. We have observed that generally, 50 or fewer characters are the highest effective subject lines. Pick up and repeat what works and get rid of what does not work for future initiatives.

So, email marketing is one of the foundations of the marketing plan of your law practice. To discover how to build your law firm’s email marketing programs that can help you improve your financial results.

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