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Christmas: Emergency Dental Service over Holidays

by David Ryan
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With its most anticipated holiday season just around the corner, many of us may be planning parties with family, coworkers, and friends. There is no way to avoid eating many sweet foods or staying up late and drinking with friends and family.

Receiving panicked calls on Christmas Eve from patients seeking aid for dental issues. This includes a chipped or shattered tooth, which is nothing unusual for a dentist. It may not only give you excruciating agony.

But it may also hinder you from thoroughly enjoying the beautiful Christmas season. Avoid the Christmas risks listed below. Therefore, before you look for the emergency dentist San Antonio, let’s begin!

Be Short Of Routine

There is no danger in spending a significant amount of time sleeping or lazing around in your comfortable sleep suit throughout the Christmas season.


However, this does not imply you should abandon your oral hygiene practice. A lack of routine may let oral germs proliferate in your mouth, which may be hazardous.

Air Pressure

You may not have realized it. But a shift in air pressure might be one of the causes of a tooth condition. For example, if you are planning a vacation, arrange an appointment with your dentist before you correct any gaps in your teeth or tooth cap difficulties.


It may appear to be a minor consideration. But it might ruin your well-deserved vacation. You may like engaging in a friendly wrestling battle with a friend.

But it can result in the loss of a tooth. It has the potential to destroy your Christmas Eve. To minimize dental injury, it is best to avoid fisticuffs.

Broken Tooth

One of the most common dental emergencies reported throughout the holiday season is a fractured tooth. It usually occurs when you have decaying teeth and bite down hard on any meal.

The treatment for a chipped tooth has determined by the severity of the injury. And it may necessitate immediate dental aid to restore a damaged tooth.

Lost Filling/Crown

If consuming too many gummy sweets has caused your crown to fall off, it may have harmed your tooth cap. However, there is no need to concern.

It’s because this dental emergency may quickly resolve. It’s if you save the loose crown and you can re-cement it later by seeing an emergency dentist in Savannah GA.

A toothache/Swollen Gums

A tooth infection is not the sole reason for swollen gums or pain. Crooked teeth, teeth grinding, chipped or broken teeth can all contribute to the problem.

Regardless of the cause, no one wants their Christmas to ruin by a toothache or swollen gums. That is why it is critical to avoid overeating or snacking, which can infect teeth and trigger a dental emergency.

Bitten Lip/Tongue

A dental emergency might include bitten tongue or lips. It’s because an infected or fractured tooth can impact your tongue and lips. Other factors might contribute to this problem, such as the habit of biting your lower lip. It is a commonplace in toddlers.

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