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Best & Free Support Websites for Web Developers

by David Ryan
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While it’s the learning period of web builders from the best technology agency, it could be very challenging. But, you’re not alone to struggle with the issues as there are loads of free and best support websites and communities. In these support websites, you can be connected and ask your questions to other expert developers.

Apart from improving your knowledge some folds more, they’ll help you to build your dev portfolio. Also, it’s very simple to learn just by asking anything regarding web development and its related issues.

Most web developers across the world are ready to help you throughout these websites. And the best thing about it is that you’ll get these all at free of cost. Well, let’s know about these types of websites.

Stack Overflow

This is one of the best and free support websites, which is why it has taken the first place on the list. This is a treasure island to find solutions to coding issues. The site uses Questions and Answers sessions for your asking and reply.


Again, it doesn’t cost while signing up and you’re all set to ask as many questions as you have. But, we recommend searching about the question you’re going to ask. It’s because it’s most possible that somebody has asked the same question previously.

So, the answer might have to remain already that just needs a look. The website covers the most available languages from the backend to frontend along with database code.

It means that you have the opportunity to find all of your questions. This is why this is our go-to recommendation for getting lessons on how to accomplish or solving something.


It’s another great and popular support website equipped with lots of smaller communities, ‘Subreddits.’ Like the above-said one, it also serves many topics like CSS, frontend, backend, and many more.

You have different options to use this website. For example, you can ask something, poll users, and get the latest topics/ news regarding the web development and web design industry.

For your higher interest, we recommend the “/r/webdev” sub s this is very friendly for the new dev and designers. Also, it moves very fast with tons of new posts every day.

Moreover, this site lets you to multiple subscriptions from one to many subreddits at the same time. This is why it’s one of the best sites for tech-savvy people with many supportive users.

SitePoint Forums

This website is providing online services for more than a decade. It covers the most aspect of web development and design including UX and coding. They have community forums that come with a great way to connect with lots of professional devs.

They also share their ideas throughout this website. While subscribing to the forums, you’ll find so many categories from programming to marketing as well as website setting techniques.

It’s the leading community that covers different tech topics, which is why it’s a very essential website to go with.

Also, there are many more similar websites like Echo JS, Bytes, Dzone, Codecademy, and FreeCodeCamp.

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