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6 Remodeling Secrets You Should Know

by David Ryan
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You can’t expect a contractor to make great decisions for you when remodeling your home. They know a lot about renovation than us but rarely tell. Check out these insider secrets to make your kitchen, bathroom or home remodeling a success.

1. Create a Plan and Budget Before Calling the Contractor

Contractors might have great ideas but their job is to work on your idea. You can save yourself a lot of time and money if you gather ideas yourself. Experts say that once a homeowner has a clear idea of what they want to do and how much they can spend, then is the right time to take help from a professional.

2. Shop for Materials Locally

Often, remodeling projects are delayed because either the material is not available or it got damaged in transit. You can always shop for them locally by yourself.

If you encounter any problem with the material, just drive back to the store and ask for a refund or exchange.


3. They Can Just Make Your Home Pretty

A contractor is not a designer. You shouldn’t expect them to suggest a better idea. They are just here to make your dream come true, take the money and move to the next job.

It’s best that you hire a consultant or a designer separately before making the contractor execute your vision. Questions like “Would you live an open kitchen?” “Do you prefer storage?” are a designer’s job. So, contractors are just for the execution. 

4. Never Pay Too Much Upfront

Okay, don’t pay too much advance. You must set the payment terms before the job begins. Create a list of things you want to get done. Let the contractor know about your priorities. For instance, let them know if task 1 and 2 are completed on an agreed date, you will release 20% payment and so on. If you pay 50% in advance for the entire project, the contractor might never finish the job on time.

5. Skip the Trendy Ideas

Do you have gorgeous ideas for kitchen remodeling taken from Pinterest? They might be trendy and modern but they are not long-term. Such design choices can cost you extra money than anticipated.  Additionally, they go out of style very fast. If you keep on chasing trends, you will have to remodel your home every few months.

It’s recommended to choose classic remodeling options. Do your homework and choose designs that are meant to last.

6. Avoid Changing Orders

A contractor might not reveal this earlier. They charge extra for changing orders. Some contractors give a low bid at the beginning and as changes up come, they raise their charges.

To prevent this, define the scope of the work at the start of the project. Try your best to avoid unnecessary changes. Make sure you know in advance what they are going to charge in case there’s a change in the order. This will save you from surprises.

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Always stay involved throughout the remodeling process. Set the right expectations and have everything in writing so that you and your contractor are on the same page.

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