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White Noise Machine Buying Guide: 8 Things to Consider

by David Ryan
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White Noise Machine Buying Guide: 8 Things to Consider

Can you fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow? Then, you’re the lucky one!

A white noise machine is an excellent place to start if you need something to help you relax at the end of the day. Their calming tones may help block out annoying background noises (like your partner’s never-ending snoring) that keep you awake.

However, choosing a white noise machine may be challenging, especially given the wide variety of available options. This guide will take you through everything you need to know before making a choice.

#1. Sounds

White noise machines can play recorded sounds or create white noise mechanically. People interested in different noises (such as waves or birdsong) would most likely choose a device with recorded sounds for more options.


#2. Volume

A white noise machine’s level should be high enough to drown out noise pollution but not so loud that it disturbs sleep or damages hearing. Most white noise machines feature various volume levels, but some low-cost versions may simply have two or three volume settings.

#3. Value

White noise sleep machine is available at almost any price range, with the majority costing less than $100. Models with fewer features tend to be less expensive. In comparison, those with more features include lights, alarms, and/or other amenities. Lower-cost white noise machines work well for people who are just interested in relaxing noises.

#4. Features

The best white noise machine includes smart capabilities, such as connecting with applications or home networks, much like many other gadgets. Other features, such as lighting or routines, are standard on these devices. This is a non-essential function in most circumstances. However, parents may enjoy having this level of control over their child’s white noise machine.

#5. Display

Because the light from a white noise machine may disturb sleep, selecting a device with either minimum or dimmable or tunable lighting is critical. Many well-built devices have no lights at all, while others include a clock or even serve as a night light. The latter kind typically provides greater in-depth control, enabling owners to alter the light’s hue and intensity.

#6. Timers

Some individuals like to leave their white noise machine on all night, while others want it to switch off at a specific time. Most white noise generators include a timing feature, which may vary from preset automatic shutoffs to app-controlled programmable on and off timings.

#7. Portability

It’s essential to think about portability if you intend to take your white noise machine on the road or frequently transfer it from room to room. While many white noise generators are portable, especially those without extra illumination, they may need a plug-in outlet or weigh more. Travel-friendly versions are likely to be light and have features like USB charging.

#8. Additional Features

Because the white noise machine market is saturated, several manufacturers attempt to stand out by adding extra functions. Alarm clocks and lights, as well as USB connections for charging your devices, are among those. Headphone jacks are more uncommon, but they are highly appreciated by people who share a room with a spouse who does not want to listen to white noise or other sleep noises.

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