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What Type of Toys Should You Buy for Your 9-12 Month Baby?

by David Ryan
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Did you know that even nine to twelve months old infants can benefit from toys? It’s true! Teaching your baby new skills through play is one of the best ways to help them through this stage.

However, finding the best learning toys for babies can be tough with everything available on the market these days. There are so many different types of toys to choose from that it’s hard to simply decide one thing. If your child is nine or twelve months old and you are after some great toys, read here to find out what type of toys you should buy.

  • Balls- Balls are ideal for infants this age because they like rolling, throwing, and watching them bounce. They’re also beneficial for improving hand-eye coordination.
  • Baby gyms – Because your baby can crawl through, play with the hanging toys, and bounce on the cushioned floor, baby gyms are a terrific way to keep them amused.
  • Books – Books are an excellent method to teach new ideas to your kid, such as colors, shapes, and numbers. Look for ones with simple graphics and vibrant colors.
  • Bath toys – Bath time is an excellent opportunity for your child to play and explore. Floating boats, bath novels, and squeeze toys are just a few bath toys available.
  • Blocks – Blocks are a traditional toy that may help your baby develop fine motor skills by teaching them how to stack and knock them down.
  • Puppets – Using puppets to promote your baby’s imagination and creativity is a terrific way to start. As students learn to make the puppet speak, they may also assist in developing their communication abilities.
  • Ride- Ride-on toy, such as vehicles, wagons, and plush toys, are ideal for energetic infants who like moving about. They are also beneficial in the development of gross motor abilities.
  • Musical instruments – Using musical instruments with your infant may help them establish a sense of rhythm while encouraging their inventiveness. They may also assist in developing fine motor skills as they learn to manipulate the various buttons and keys.
  • Sensory toys – Toys that light up, create noise or have various textures are excellent for activating your baby’s senses. They’re also beneficial for improving hand-eye coordination.

Final Words

There are many types of toys, but you have to think first about which one will be perfect for your baby; for example, your baby is 4-5 months old, and you bought a bike for your baby now, what do you have to do? “wait” yes, you heard me right.


Now you have to wait to grow your baby because, at this age, babies barely can sit or move in a bed, so how do they can ride on bikes? Yes, of course, I am talking about mini bikes. You have to think that whatever learning toys for babies you pick for your 12 months infant, the most essential thing is that they are safe and that you and your baby enjoy playing with them.

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