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Turmeric Powder: Its Usages On Your Face and Skin

by David Ryan
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Turmeric antioxidants protect the skin cells from damage caused by free radicals. Turmeric will help preserve your natural shine and cure dark skin tones. This golden spice is very effective against acne and redness.

It is one of the most precious condiments in the spice cabinet. You may already have advised about the health benefits of taking turmeric daily, providing the same effects for your skin and hair.

One element – so many benefits of attractiveness! Along with turmeric face mask for acne scars, here are several magical ways to use turmeric powder for flawless and radiant skin.

Reduces Scars & Heals Wounds

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric function on the glands and soothe the scalp. It also helps to reduce scarring and heal some wounds faster due to its antiseptic properties.


Mix a tablespoon of turmeric with one teaspoon of a gram of flour. Apply to the affected areas and let the paste dry for at least 25 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Delays Ageing Signs

Turmeric comes with curcuminoid pigments that allow the body to synthesize antioxidants. Such antioxidants defend the skin cells from free radical destruction and may also speed down the symptoms of aging, such as black circles, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Treats Dry & Cracked Skin

Have you done everything you could to cure broken heels? Then, grab the turmeric, and you’re not going to be disappointed.

Combine some coconut oil with the turmeric face mask powder and add it to your broken heels or dry skin and wash off after 15 minutes. Your skin will feel soothed and soft.

Soothes Burns

Turmeric is well known for its calming effects. Combine a pinch of turmeric with some cooling curd or milk and add to the affected area. Let it dry and wash it gently. Do this a few times a day for at least one to two weeks until the burn mark begins to fade away.

Cures Stretch Marks

A mixture of saffron, turmeric, and lime juice can use to remove stretch marks. Apply this mixture to the area; let it sit for 15 minutes and wash away. Practice every day until you see the signs are visible.

Whitens Your Skin

Turmeric will help preserve your natural shine and cure dark skin tones. To improve the uneven skin tone and get the skin look bright, mix one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of milk, and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to make a quick face pack.

Consider leaving it on for 25 minutes, then washes it out. Repeat 3/4 days a week before you see the results. Turmeric is also useful for reducing sun tan, which makes the skin look dull.

You may prepare a paste by adding a pinch of lemon juice, turmeric juice, and raw milk. Use the mixture correctly throughout the affected area and wait until it is dry. Wash with cold water. Likewise, you can also use this turmeric for your face care.

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