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Tips to Buy the Best AB Roller on the Market Right Now

by David Ryan
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Planks, leg lifts, and crunches are some of my favorite AB exercises. To be honest, I was beginning to feel a little cocky about my core strength. Then I purchased an AB roller and was humiliated immediately!

This basic training tool can help you get the most out of your AB exercises. The best AB rollers exercise are just onto the next level. AB rollers are also practical since they are portable, making them an excellent addition to any home gym or training area.

However, not every AB roller will be the same. Here are some factors you need to consider before looking for “AB rollers near me” for your core exercises. First of all, let’s know how to use it.

How Do I Use It?

While seeing someone use an AB roller makes it seem simple, practicing it yourself might be a challenge. Here are some pointers on good technique if you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new AB roller!

  • Begin on your hands and knees in tabletop posture, ensuring sure you have a long, flat empty area in front of you. To preserve the joint and avoid bruising, place a pad beneath your knees!
  • Grab the handles of your roller with both hands. Slowly roll forward, moving your arms and body as far out in front of you as you can, but not so much that you feel unable to pull yourself back up.
  • It’s typical to have certain limitations in your range of motion at first. Simply roll out as far as you can, and as your strength improves, you may work your way up to rolling farther out.
  • Make sure that you maintain your arms and back straight as you roll out! Maintain a neutral neck posture by keeping your head down.
  • Once you’ve reached full extension, you may either hold for a few minutes to enhance the intensity or begin pulling yourself back to the beginning position using your abs.

Factors to Consider

#1. Budget

AB rollers, fortunately, are one of the most affordable equipment you can add to your home gym. And the old saying “you get what you pay for” holds true. While the budget options will be enough, it’s worthwhile to spend a little more on the high-end rollers. But don’t overspend.

#2. Fitness Level

Some of these AB rollers aren’t appropriate for beginners! If you’re new to AB workouts, go for a wide roller that will help you maintain your balance.

#3. Purpose

The sort of AB roller isn’t as vital if you’re searching for something simple to use for 10 minutes a day. However, if you want greater functionality, you’ll want one with a larger range of motions.

#4. Workout Environment

Consider where you plan to use your AB roller, since this may have an impact. If you don’t already have a home training room with an exercise mat, for example, you’ll want to acquire one that has a knee pad. If you’re going to use it on hardwood, make sure it has a soft tread and isn’t made of hard plastic to avoid damaging the floors.

Have fun rolling!

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