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Tips for Beginner’s Backpacking Gear List

by David Ryan
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If you’re planning for the first ever backpacking trip, you need the right gear to make the trip great. Otherwise, you may find your trip has broken in lack of the proper backpacking gear list. Also, it’s not a wise task to a backpack when it’s cold at night or even leaving a headlamp can impact negatively.

So, you have to go through a backpacking gear list that will ensure you’re getting with all of your essential gears. Also, going with a list allows you to focus on the time with fun to enjoy your beautiful environment. But, it still is a matter of getting overwhelmed to find out your essential things with all of your choices.

Also, when you read the reviews of backpacks of different sites, it gets more complicated for you. No matter you’re using new or used backpacks; you should importantly know some tips to backpack properly as a beginner.

Pack of the Deuter Aircontact 60 + 10 SL

This is a popular and one of the cheapest backpack that we like much. Deuter is a famous manufacturer of backpacks with an affordable cost. But, they stand up to the elements of nature. This lightweight backpack is easy to carry on your body.


Also, you can adjust wider sorts of torso length that comes in the model of 50+10 for men. If you go for a multi-day long trip then this is an ideal pack for you. And you can go for a hike up to 25-day long with this backpack.

Joule Sleeping Bags


Although these sleeping bags are suitable for women, they’re almost the same as the men’s bag. They’re super lightweight that weight just 2 lbs and 3 oz. Also, they come at an affordable price and can pack down a bit smaller than other sleeping bags.

It’s true these sleeping bags have a fairly cold rating, but you can try them out if you like to be cool during sleeping. But, they’ll keep you drier in wet conditions with their strong water repellent finish.

Sleeping Pad of Therm-a-rest ProLite

Therm-a-rest presents an ultra-lightweight sleeping pad that’s very comfortable to use. As it’s fully inflated, it provides you up to one-inch of filling that’s enough to stay warm. Also, it prevents from jabbing you during the night rocks that remain under your tent. If you use this sleeping pad, you’ll find it as lighter as blow-up your style.

So, you can strap it easily on to the outer part of your backpack. It’s highly durable and provides service for up to ten years even without a leak. It just has one drawback that it loses the capabilities of self-inflation after a few days. But, the good thing is that it takes just about one minute to blow up on your own.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System


It’s a compact stove of Jetboil that’s one of the great and effective stoves for a backpack. This lightweight stove weights less than a pound and it takes just two minutes to boil two cups of water. And if you use a fuel canister, you can heat about 42 cups of water even if you’re in a very cold situation.

There are many other mandatory items that can be included in the list here such as tents and others. If you think of a perfect tent, you can look for the used tents to get your purpose served at a low cost.

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