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6 Valid Concerns of Patients When They Visit Hospital

by David Ryan
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Let’s get to the problems and concerns of patients visiting hospitals.

1. Not Getting Full Attention of Doctors

Mostly it happens where there is a large line of patients waiting for their turn and doctors seem to be in a hurry instead doing a proper consultation for their medical issue. It is the most irritating thing that patients face in hospitals when the cause they have visited hospital is not fully attended. As a result, people get disheartened and discouraged to an extent that many of them does not bother to come for a follow up visit knowing the fact that it will harm them only and nothing will happen to the hospital itself. Even RIS software can’t help in this scenario as this is the responsibility of doctors to give proper time to patients.

2. Different Opinions of Different Doctors

Although patients should follow one doctor for their proper treatment but sometimes people do feel a need of another opinion. Here is when they face problems when different doctors tell them different things about their medical issues. It is very common when patients get confused that who is saying right and what to follow. Then they need to consult one more doctor for final decision and this makes the situation very complicated.

3. Staff Negligence

The worst thing patients face is the staff negligence who are very rude and neglect their concerns. They are there just to get the receipt, take your history with RIS PACS software, check your blood pressure, and weight like things to proceed information to doctors when their turn comes. But they should be trained to treat patients politely as they must already be feeling very low which brings them to the hospital so a bit of polite behavior is their basic right.


4. Receptionists Always Busy on Calls

It happens mostly when there is only one person available at the reception and there are lots of tasks to be done by him/her. And when patients go to them for any kind of information or appointments, they have to wait so longer for them to finish their phone calls. And of course this also makes a very long queue at the reception area which is again very bothering for patients who are old and weak.

5. Medicines Not Available in Pharmacy

According to RIS software providers, sometimes doctors prescribe some medicines of a particular brand which are not available so commercially and you have to visit a particular shop for that. It is extremely bothering for patients when their hospital pharmacy is also not carrying those medicines and they have to find them on other shops.

6. Unsuitable Availability and Timings of Doctors


Well there are some doctors who are very famous and people want to consult them no matter what for their medical problems. This is where many hospitals take advantage and put unsuitable days and timings as a part of meeting their annual targets and keep the rush in hospital in low hours. For instance, people who do full-time job prefer to visit hospital on weekends or after evening time during week days. But mostly they never get doctors on weekends or on such timings putting them into much problems and making them take leave from their work.

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