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What Simple Vehicle Maintenance You Should Regularly Do?

by David Ryan
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A large number of car checks are out there. You can do both under the bonnet and around the car. It’ll help you keep this in a fair and riding state to prevent a breakdown. It may sound professional to get your hands dirty beneath the bonnet.

But, some reasons prevent you from maintaining your car on your own by buying your essential parts from an online auto parts outlet. That’s why we’re here with some common car checks to keep your car simple.

These are easy to carry out today to keep the car safe to drive on the road. As a result, go through this entire content before you find car info or something else.

Fuel & Oil

Check if you have plenty of fuel for your ride in your tank. It might sound simple, but you’d be shocked to see how many people. It’s mainly in harsh winter weather, run out of gasoline. Our patrols track the oil level of each vehicle they visit and find that one in three is dangerously low.


If left unresolved, this may cause failure and contribute to devastating engine damage. Check that the oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on the dipstick of the car.

And top it up if appropriate. Refer to your owner’s handbook or talk to your nearest dealer. It’s especially vital if you don’t know which sort of oil you need to use.


Check all the tires and wiper blades daily when it comes to rubber. Check the tires for general wear and tear, cracks or bulges, and tread depth in particular. The minimum tread level is 1.6 mm. It is recommended to have 3 mm of tire tread in winter to aid with stability and grip.

Often, make sure you have the right pressure in your tires to review your owner’s handbook if you don’t know the proper inflation as these will not last long and need to replace from time to time due to splits and cracks. Also, examine your wiper blades.


Ensure the amount of coolant in your vehicle. A freezing engine or for your car to overheat is the last thing you need. You should still double-check, particularly before a long trip.

But, it’s a sealed device and should not need to be topped up. When the engine is cold, check the coolant levels and search for the right coolant and combination to use in the handbook should you decide to top it up.


There are lots of electrical equipment in your vehicle, from headlights and fog lights to your batteries, and to keep you safe, they all need to test frequently.

Get another person to go around the vehicle to make sure that the signs, and the number plate signs, are still functioning, and you will charge for getting a registration that can not be seen.

You can also test the battery to ensure that the terminals are safe and tight (cleaning off any hot water damage and adding petroleum jelly) and that the motor starts properly.

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