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What Are Paint Booths and Their Types?

by David Ryan
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Paint booth systems come in handy while painting trucks, furniture, planes, cars, boats, etc. Painters use paint booths all the time. But what actually is a paint booth and what types of paint booths being there in the market? We will talk about these two things today.

What Is a Paint Booth?

A paint booth is simply a booth where you take the thing you want to paint, and then paint it inside the booth. A paint booth is necessary because it doesn’t let the paint spread all over the floor or wall. Also, it makes the paint job faster, safer, and cleaner. Paint booths also keep the hazardous materials inside that can cause an explosion or just pollute the environment in some other ways, and thus keeps the environment clean and less polluted.

Types of Paint Booths

Mainly there are 5 types of paint booths: Cross Flow, Side DownDraft, Semi Down Draft, Full Down Draft and Open Face Industrial Booth. We will describe each of their features below.

Cross Flow

Cross Flow paint booths have doors and ventilation system. In such a paint booth, the air from outside can enter inside the booth through the entry doors that are in front of the booth, and the said air get exhausted through a filter system which is installed in the opposite end of the booth.


Side DownDraft

In a Side DownDraft paint booth, air enters the booth via the roof of the booth and it gets exhausted through the sidewalls of the booth. This is excellent because it allows for a downdraft finish quality but a concrete pit is not required. There are some disadvantages to a Side DownDraft paint booth, for instance, a Side DownDraft paint booth requires a lot of duct tapes which can increase the expense. Another problem is that overspray from a paint job is carried back to the painter which is annoying.

Semi Down Draft

A Semi DownDraft is a hybrid between CrossDraft and DownDraft booths. Air is introduced in a semi downdraft from the ceiling, near the front door and then it’s pulled through the working chamber and over the vehicle and then it gets exhausted at the rear end of the booth.

Full Down Draft

Full DownDraft brings in air via the ceiling and then takes it down through the floor and exhausts it via the exhaust chamber which is at the back. Full DownDraft provides the cleanest finish and this is why it’s used in high end auto facilities. Its disadvantage is that it requires a raised floor or at least a concrete pit and that can add to the expense. Also, while painting a very large objects, Full DownDraft aren’t that useful because removing the is harder and that makes harder to reorient the object.

Open Face Industrial Booth

These are usually the most popular type. They are quite flexible, and cost-effective for a wide range of paint jobs. Since the design is open-front, it saves floor space and makes it easy to move the product in and out of the booth.


No matter which type of paint booth you use, make sure it’s compatible with the object you are painting, is environment friendly, and safe.

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