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Top 5 Most Promising AI Startups in 2020

by David Ryan
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Technology nowadays is advancing at such a pace that it’s hard to keep up. One thing for sure is that AI and robots will play an integral part in the future. To have the best position, big tech companies are doing all they can to hold the market share. Startup tech companies aren’t lagging behind either. There are hundreds of startup tech consulting firms arising every year around the world. It’s an exciting time to be alive. We have summed up what we think are 5 of the most promising AI startup companies in 2020.


Spacemaker is an AI startup that has made an AI technology that helps the users identify better ways to optimize the potential of a building site. It gives insight to the building site by letting the user generate and explore a wide range of site proposals, picks out the best ones and then giving detailed analyses for them. Spacemaker uses machine learning and brings together expertise from different fields like architecture, math, physics to optimize the potential.


When you run a company, there are thousands of things you need in digital form. But knowing where they are is difficult. Capacity has brought a solution to this. They interlink everything you need in a single platform, which means you can choose whatever apps you need and Capacity will generate whatever information you seek at that very time. Their aim is for you to never lose a single digital file. To give an example, large banks have thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of customers. Often it’s hard to give the right information to the right person but Capacity will help making sure that the right information is delivered to the right person.

Eyeware Tech

Eyeware monitors people’s gaze and asserts motive. This is helpful to cater to real-life issues like buyer choice, human intentions, security, etc. It uses 3D eye-tracking software senses through cameras and allows gaze tracking in 3D remotely.



Observe is an AI-powered voice assistant which can make your contact centers into profit-generating machines. It can track, observe, and educate call agents to make sure that every call generates sales. It uses different technologies like ML, natural language processing, and a list of error checks to make sure that every call is following the procedures.


Recently funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this AI startup collects precise survey data through call records, geolocation, hyperspectral imagery, and open street maps. SurveyAuto is founded by a Pakistani entrepreneur. According to him, using a crowdsourcing model, SurveyAuto decides who reports data relying on machine learning. It can also tell where the data is collected, when and how often it is reported. You can track and monitor with an enumerator in real-time, assign regions and monitor progress.


The pace at which technology is advancing, we can expect much more game-changing AI startups. All we can say is that we are in for a treat.

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