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Tips to Pay Less and Get More Gas Mileage at the Pumps

by David Ryan
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The gas-saving process will improve the fuel economy. Also, it can slash the car’s maintenance cost. Moreover, hard acceleration can cost 20% for gas mileage. You can live in an area where huge traffic and need to spend a lot of time on that.

Even for all this, you need to spend extra money on fuel as well. This is the money-wasting process. Before you look for the “nearest auto parts store,” Check it out to get rid of such a problem.

Check the Tire Pressure

The survey says 60% of the transport’s tire is under-inflated. Even the rate of this is 30%. The manufacturer recommends a minimum pressure for the transport. But it does not match with the reality because it is below 9 psi.

And it will cost around 7% of wasted fuel. Also, less air pressure can be the reason for the premature tire. Plus, it may cost around $300. If you want a better result, try to check the tire’s air pressure with a pressure gauge. Make sure the pressure gauge is digital.


Additionally, it will match the manufacturer’s recommended pressure as well. Never miss the expert advice, and it will extend the tire’s lifetime.  

Change Spark Plugs for Saving Gas

However, if the spark plugs 160,000 kilometers have 130,000 kilometers, it is 80% worn. Incomplete combustion and misfires frequently occur during the last 32 thousand km. Also, it may cost wasted fuel at around $100.

As a result, it would be best if you replaced the spark plugs for this. Try to do it as soon as possible and save your money. Sometimes you may need to change the spark plugs extra time, but it will still save your money.

Moreover, never think the plugs are better for the 160,000 kilometers. Some 4cylinder engines need new plugs for km 50,000 to 1000,000. When you want to do it yourself, follow these steps. It will help you to do the work.   

Change the Air Filter for Getting the Best Gas Mileage

Furthermore, the engine needs 53 million liters of air for the filter each year. But the old car has a messy air filter that may increase fuel usage by around 10%. But the new car is good enough to identify low air pressure and then cut restore the fuel.

The engine will pick-up, and lack power, so try to check the filter while changing oil. Plus, change it once in a year if you are frequently driving in the dusty and dirty area. You may get the filter from automobile repair shops.

Keep the Car Aligned for Saving Gas

Moreover, if the tire is not in the alignment, then it can drag the tire sideways each 32,000 km you drive. It can be the reason for wasting $100 in a year. Plus, it may wear the tire fast, and that will cost more than $10.

There is an idea for checking the alignment, and you can do it by yourself. So, purchase the gauge for $2 and then measure a tread depth on both the edges of an individual tire. If the side is worn, then another one, the car should repair the alignment.

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