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Tips to Find the Best Clinical Psychologist for You

by David Ryan
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When I went for the first therapy, my parents selected a professional psychotherapist quickly. Although they decided it faster, it was not very effective and I’m going to share the way they did it.

When the first pediatrician was not able to identify what to do with my issues like night nightmares, he sent choose another psychologist. And he sent me to her to find the solutions to the issues I was experiencing.

It’s because she was a highly qualified and practical hand on these issues. She also has a wider experience of treating many famous people like our prime minister and many more persons.

But, all these did not work great for me because of going to the wrong ways to choose the right clinical psychologist. So, before you look for a “clinical psychologist near me,” take a quick look at the below tips.


Ask Your Friends & Family

If you have friends who are in or have used the therapy of any clinical psychologist in NJ and they’re happy with it then you can choose them. Know about the best part of why they liked them.

When you’ll ensure they were cured and happy enough with them ask a referral list from your friend’s therapists. For me, I did not get a better referral this way.

But, I was able to give some better referrals. It’s because my friends asked me if the therapist knew anybody for them. It’s good to get some referrals from somewhere else if your friends are not on their list.

Also, you should avoid them if they were not good for them. Also, calling to some institutes is a better way to find the best referrals.

Look Online

It happened to me that I never found a good psychologist online. But, I found it while I was looking at the Therapist Finder and it’ll also help you accordingly.  These online days, I think, you also can find a suitable psychotherapist on the Therapy Directory of Psychology Today.

I used to look for a psychotherapist who is not making an ad to sell them when shopping therapist. But, I liked to choose those who were telling about their activities with their working philosophy with patients.


It’s a great thing to choose the perfect clinical psychologist. Keep taking notes while talking to the therapist over the phone. For example, I got a very rare immediate feeling of ‘yes’ when I talked to them. Instead, I typically felt a bit awkward and weird.

But, you can get a different way in terms of feeling. I recommend realizing how your feeling was when you talked over the phone and also after making an appointment.

Moreover, you might need to note down if you have any dreams when you make the appointment. This is very essential for you when you’re in the psychodynamic therapy.

As an image tells the entire story, I like to avoid a therapist comes in an image with glamour shots. Instead, I preferred one that’s sharing in a beloved recreational activity or hobby.

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