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LibertyX: Let’s Know the Review of Bitcoin ATMs

by David Ryan
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Bitcoin-based ATMs are generating a great splash. But, the question is: how can they line up when it’s time to client experience? That’s why we’re going to talk about Bitcoin ATMs and starting with the LibertyX line.

When I looked for a Bitcoin ATM at Google Maps, I found a Bitcoin ATM near my current location. Indeed, that was a LibertyX Bitcoin ATM that I found at Google. But, previously, I never used any Bitcoin ATM.

As a result, I wanted to try to see and make a new experience. Also, I tried to know how tough or easy it was to use that one. So, before you look for ATM Company NYC, let’s know more about this issue.

The app

I began with the download of the LibertyX application, which required a registration telephone number alone. The software is a basic tool that offers a list of possible options like bitcoin buying, bitcoin selling, ATM browsing, and transactions.


I could view all of its bitcoin ATMs within 30 miles of my zip code by using the browse option for ATM locations. I could choose a place from here and choose to start buying. Interestingly enough, I saw that certain choices had broken and claimed that a level third account was needed for access and that my account was just level one.

I need to submit an e-mail address, photos of my license, and a selfie to upgrade my account to level two. Once done, the app indicated that my information might take up to two business days, but it might do so within an hour.


This ATM was a Hyosung model that could withdraw cash, buy or trade bitcoin. The real process was rather straightforward when I picked the Bitcoin option. It told me that I have to download the LibertyX software I already have. You can also search for “ATM processing companies” in this case.

Then I need to input the LibertyX app’s order number and pick the bitcoin I wish to buy. For instance, this machine collected an 8% tax, and only a debit card to complete the transaction was accepted, not cash. In the hour after that, the bitcoin appeared in my wallet.

Overall impressions

Overall, I’d say it was a really seamless and straightforward process. It was a simple application, as the ATM. The process was also far faster than I anticipated. However, I’m not saying the app informs you exactly why you can’t buy at level three.

In the later investigation, I realized that was because of rules, although that was not immediately apparent from the beginning. It is unlikely, therefore, that anybody would accidentally locate it.

The Bottom Line

However, potential users of Bitcoin ATM may not require such advertising because they are probably seeking Bitcoin ATM locations online (like I did). I would recommend checking out the LibertyX app and ATM if you’d be interested in getting began with bitcoin.

The path into cryptocurrency is rapid and easy. I want to seek other firms’ Bitcoin ATMs and review them. Stay tuned in the next several weeks for these tales!

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