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How You Should NOT Dispose of Your Mattress

by David Ryan
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You’ll have to go through the right way when you need to dispose of your mattress. As it’s not an easy task, nobody has ever said that it’s simple to do. It’s because this is very heavy stuff and might be the heaviest one among your household items.

Also, over time, it gets much heavier and you find it the toughest task to do when it’s time to remove it from your home. But, there are some steps that you always avoid when you remove your mattress. If you avoid them, you can do your job perfectly and easily without getting any issue like health injury and also without hiring any junk removal west Austin.

However, you need to get help from a furniture disposal Austin Company as you can’t do the task your own. Now, let’s know the things that you should avoid during a mattress removal.

Looking to Get Some Cash on a Sale

You might be thinking you can get some extra bucks by selling your old mattress. This is a good thought on paper, but it’s not an as easy thing to sell your mattress as you’re thinking. Most people don’t like to buy an old mattress and carry it through the town and then take it to up going through several stairs.


Even giving it free of cost to someone is not free when they’ll take it up to their home. It’s because they need some extra persons and transportation as it’s very heavy. Besides, when someone buys a new mattress, most company offers them free home delivery with their team. So, selling your mattress for some extra money is not a good idea, you can recycle it to get some money is a better idea.

Depending on a Free Sign

You know that selling a mattress is very difficult. At the same way, it’s tough to give away of an old mattress. Even it has no guarantee that you can make disappear of your mattress using a free sign at the side of your yard. It’ll probably make you another lug of your mattress take back inside.

Besides, when you keep your mattress outdoor, you expose it to insects, animals, trash, weather, and dirt. Just wait if it’ staying outside for some days when you find your used mattress is horrible now.

So, if you want to leave a used mattress by the curb then look out what going to be happened with it is. Because of it’s risky to keep the mattress outside, so you can’t do it. You can be caught with a very filthy and wet mattress if nobody takes this free one.

Giving Your Old Mattress Someone Without a Truck

No matter old or new mattress, it’s difficult to transport it. When you’ll give your used mattress to some of your relatives or friends, they’ll need to rent a transport making it their home. It’s because it gets heavier over time as it collects everything that falls on your floor from your dead skin cells to body oil.

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