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How to Save Some Cash While Choosing The PACS Solution?

by David Ryan
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We, all like to save some money from whatever we purchase. So, why don’t you apply the process while buying a PACS solution? You might be thinking it is possible and how. Yes, it’s definitely possible and you can do you in some decent ways.

It’s true this is very tough to save money from buying medical equipment of the healthcare industry. This may make you overwhelming when you’re going to buy the PACS as well. But, you can find you in the catch of unsure to spend that really should be more resourceful in your business. To avail the saving, you should be a bit economical.

Choosing The PACS Solution with Some Savings

You’ll be happy to know that there are some low-cost service providers that offer great service to their clients. Even they offer Android DICOM viewer for them as well. So, let’s go through the ways that will help to save you some cash from PACS solution.

Choose an Inexpensive and In-House PACS

If you’re one of the Horos or OsiriX users, you’re using the costlier system for it. When you find your system is working in the best way, it makes you happy. But, you have a possible risk of going down with the images and data of your patients. The reason is that there is a lack in your system to store your patients’ images in some most favorable stage.


This is like a joke of holding the capacity of the storage when you’ll compare other options. But, you can get an easy solution to the issue if you choose the onsite PACS. It’s the best way to store your medical images easily and inexpensively. In this way, you connect with you a server that stores data through the internet.

Analyze Your Expenses

When you’ll go through a very inexpensive way, you should spend about $2500 as an annual fee. Also, there are some other fees like Cloud backup fee for every month ranging from $50 to $100. It’s true it sounds costly. But, if the onsite PACS fails, it enables you availing to use the backup data. The reason is that you know technology may fail at any time for many issues. That’s why backup data is very crucial for your patients’ imaging with DICOM viewer android.

Use Pay-As-You-Go Option

When you find buying PACS is tough for you and it’s out of your budget, you can go with Cloud service. So, you should go with the offsite backup for your images and data. Also, it’ll enable you using the Cloud as the secondary PACS that will make sure the data backups for offsite PACS.

So, you can consider going through pay-as-you-go to reduce your cost of using PACS. Also, you don’t need to pay an extra fee for maintenance because all fees have been included with the package. But, it doesn’t hinder your smooth using and sharing with the mobility of your patents’ images and data. it’s not just inexpensive, it also reliable for you.

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