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Everything You Should Know About WordPress Blocks

by David Ryan
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You might be wondering due to ‘block’ while using the latest version of WordPress, V5.0 or later. You also would be surprised that what blocks are, what they do, and how to use these blocks.

In short, blocks are usually a new way of WordPress that help you to organize your contents in your pages and blog post. For example, you’re on the dashboard in WordPress and like to create a new blog post. Here you’ll find a new panel of content editing that’s based on blog unlike previously it was.

You’ll get this advantage when you’ll buy website domain and hosting based on WordPress and its latest version from the best place to buy domain name. Well, below is a short discuss everything you need to know about the blocks of WordPress.

How to Use Blocks

As it’s said already you can include the whole piece of your content that you want when you start creating a new page or blog post. It’ll be a block that things you use as a text or an image.


While thinking about a block, you can consider it as a good wrapper around the given pieces of page content. But, it indeed changes nothing regarding the content. It means when you keep a piece of text that’s still is a piece of text.

It’s very sensitive to use blocks. WordPress will ask you to initiate writing your text or select a piece of the block when you start your writing tasks on a new page or post. Now, let’s know about different types of blocks.

Start Writing

Upon completion of your writing of a paragraph, you’ll press the “Enter” button of the keyboard. At the same time, you’ll find that WordPress has transited your text to the subsequent block and almost immediately. Click on the “+” icon to add a new block instead of a text paragraph.

Thus, you’ll discover in the corner of the upper-left of the new block editor. You’ll get the accessibility of customizing it in different ways based on the block type you choose. These all are to try because of making it appear precisely how you desire.

Heading Block

While initiating this block covering, it’ll provide you a large range of advantages. Among them, the main one is that you’ll get the option to rearrange the blocks easily than its previous version.

Every block comes with controls to move it up or down to one spot. Also, it supports the function of drag and drop that needs to click plus grasp onto an icon that remains in the middle of two arrows.

Align Blocks

Earlier you required to cut & paste something in situate to shift content something like a blog post. It was coming with the issue of different formatting issues. Or the issue was that the entire parts of content having lost when you removed your clipboard accidentally.

Apart from these, the new feature doesn’t experience those issues and is much maneuverable. But, they’ll not modify the view of the post when your visitors will see it on your site.

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