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Everything You Should Know About Cloud-Based PACS

by David Ryan
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Storage is essential for everyone and everything. It’s also the same for your medical images. But, all storage for medical images is not suitable or made equally. That’s why most specialists become confused to determine the distinctions between cloud and local storage.

This is a piece of a large decision and will impact on your practice. So, before you choose the right vendor for Picture Archiving and Communication System PACS, you should consider many things about them.

It’s because this is a key to the accomplishment of any business especially medical imaging business having a consistent type of storage. Thus, many things are out there to consider while choosing cloud-based storage for PACS imaging software. Find below what they are.

The Biggest Deal

While looking for short or long-lasting peace of mind for the patient records, you must have dependable storage. It’ll allow you keeping up you’re in a hospital, practice, imaging center, or consultant smoothly. In the same way, after getting a request for a patient’s records many years later, you’ll be able to provide it.

Besides, storage is a good thing when your patients come in for the same issue after months or years. For example, one of your patients was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctor may need to compare the previous and currently reports to check out the progress.

If a physician doesn’t get her previous record, they’ll not be able to provide her the proper treatment. So, you have to get a solution as soon as possible if you don’t get storage and you manage your patients’ some way.

What The Cloud Storage Is

It’s pretty much as it sounds. You’ll get access to store your patients’ data on the cloud as long as you want. This is a quite great solution to keep your medical images and data in a secured place with backups.

Answer this question to decide if you need cloud storage or not: Do you feel a need to keep your medical images in a secure place that allows you to access and share as well. If ‘yes’ is your answer then you must need to use cloud storage.

Think another way if you’re still confused about what cloud-based storage is. If you’re using a smartphone and using Google Photos or iCloud then you’re probably using the cloud. It’s because when you’re taking an image and storing in these apps, you’re storing them in the Cloud.

Advantages of Using Cloud

While looking for a promising backup, you’ll get it from the Cloud. You can get a swept off with a tornado to Oz for your imaging center, practice, or hospital. But, you’ll be safe for your patients’ images and their records.

Another good thing about it is that it’s not as expensive as you’re thinking if you compare it with your local or on-site storage solution. However, you must ensure a stable and high-speed internet connection to get the best use and results of the Cloud-based storage.


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