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Do’s and Don’ts in Australia for Travelers

by David Ryan
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Do’s in Australia

1. Do Talk Clearly

It is very common that when we are busy on calls, we assume the other person to understand our perception just from our tone which is not the case in reality. We need to speak very clearly on phone calls so prevent another person from any wrong perception. This should include proper sentences with clear meaning instead of using body language or saying hhmm kind of stuff.

2. Do Listen Properly

Above point continues here on your end so as to not to perceive anything wrong. Listen properly to the next person with full concentration to understand the matter with correct perception.

3. Do Acknowledge Every Call

It is a gesture of respect to acknowledge every call and make the other person feel valued. It is very important in both personal and professional life to practice these etiquettes as a necessary part of development. Such etiquettes especially matter when you need to make unlimited international calls from mobile with mobile plans with international calls included on regular basis to keep your business successful with your friendly and welcoming attitude.

4. Do Greet the Other Person First

It is very important to greet the other person as soon as the other person picks up your call or you have received someone’s call. The greeting is a very important part of etiquettes to put a comfortable feeling on another side to have a talk openly.


Don’ts in Australia

1. Don’t Speak Loudly

This usually happens when we are involved on some unlimited international calls from mobile assuming the other person to listen or understand more clearly but it should not be like this. Trust me using louder voice doesn’t make your sound travel faster and instead, the other person will perceive a feeling of some anger or maybe an argument. Slow down your volume to comfort another person as well as your surrounding people.

2. Don’t Turn on Speaker Every Time

There are some privacy issues with some calls so it is better not to be used too of turning on your speaker every time. Make sure to first receive it and then decide whether you can turn on the speaker or not in that particular situation.

3. Don’t Forget to Call Back

Never do that either you have missed a call from someone or you commit someone to call later or your running call got interrupted due to network issues. You can use a reminder of your phone to not forget making calls as it is very important to keep everyone feels valued and comfortable.

4. Don’t Hurry to Hang the Call Up

This may make the other person feel bad if you hurry to end up the call as the other person might be expecting you to give some solution to any problem or discuss any matter in more depth. Also, this is against etiquettes to not give proper time to your caller and you might face any loss in your business as well. So, always make sure to listen carefully to complete details and avoid any possible hassle that could happen.

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