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Coronavirus: Everything You Should Know About COVID-19

by David Ryan
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Lots of types of viruses are out there, and coronavirus is one of them. It also calls COVID-19 and novel coronavirus as it’s the newer form of SARS-CoV-2 that’s causing the current pandemic around the world.

The virus indeed attacks the respiratory system and makes various health issues. This disease came out in China last December of 2019. The common symptoms of this disease are cough, fever, sore throat, breathing problems, muscle aches, loss of smell & taste, headache, and diarrhea.

If the condition leaves untreated or screened at the later stage, it may cause death. So, let’s know more about it before you look for “coronavirus testing near me“.

Things to Know About COVID-19

This virus spreads from one person to another that needs a laboratory test to diagnose. As it has no vaccine until today, prevention is just one way to reduce the infection.


The methods of preventing it involve frequent washing your hand, coughing by bending your elbow, staying in isolation and home-quarantine when you’re sick and using masks or clothes to wrap up your face if you need to go out in urgent needs.

Below we’re going to share some more information from an expert on this issue.

The Ways This It Spreads

Usually, this virus spreads via air when it polluted by the infected person. It spreads out on air by sneezing and coughing. This means when an infected person coughs or sneezes; the droplets come out of with this virus.

And if a healthy person stays near an infected person when he/ she coughs or sneezes, this virus gets way to spread. The droplets can’t travel a long distance more than just a few feet and drop down on surfaces or ground.

If you don’t maintain social distance with other people, you can catch by this virus easily.

The Incubation Period & Symptoms of COVID-19

Normally, a coronavirus takes about 14 days to show its symptoms after exposure to this virus. We already said that the most common symptoms of COVID-19 are cough, fever, sore throat, the issue with breathing, muscle pains, and headache.

Also, there are some other types of symptoms like unexplained smell or taste losses with continuous diarrhea. Besides, in some cases have rare symptoms like kidney failure, respiratory issues, or death. So, if you find you or someone else, these symptoms call or visit your doctor.

It’s a good idea to call 911 and explains the symptoms if you need emergency medical assistance. The noticeable thing is that some people have no signs or symptoms of this disease.

That’s why it’s difficult to say you’re infected or not without diagnosing them.

Ways of Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19

When it comes to diagnosis COVID-19, it’s a bit tough identity with just physical tests. It’s because this virus can show similar symptoms to the regular flu or a cold. Anybody comes with the possible signs of COVID-19 should go through a laboratory test instead of a coronavirus home test to ensure their positive or negative result.

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