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6 Ways to Bring Your Spa Service at Home

by David Ryan
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It is not wrong to say that we all need some relaxing moment every now and then. Especially, in these pandemic times, when everything seems to be going wrong, a bit of relaxation time at home would not hurt.

However, to get the best moment, you will need to follow some basics and purchase some suitable products to enhance your relaxation.

Here are six ways to bring your spa service at home.

#1 Set the Mood First

First things first, starting with setting the mood and recreating at home a spa atmosphere! Look for ready-made playlists on your preferred streaming site to find soothing spa songs.


The smell is also an integral part of your home spa. Purchase some essential diffuser if you do not have one. Nothing more provide smells like a spa than a eucalyptus!

#2 Light a Candle

At home, the quickest way to help you slip into a more serene state of mind is to light a candle. Select one from an aromatherapy company with history, and you’re sure to find success. If you feel emotional, go for sandalwood centering notes to help maintain harmony.

Struggling at night to drift off? To help bring about quicker, deeper sleep, studies have found lavender. And a rose-scented candle never goes wrong for sheer luxury appeal.

#3 Make Your Mind Quiet

Before you start, it’s best to start unwinding with an herbal tea or even a glass of fizz in a separate space to keep the room you’re in as peaceful as possible. Sit for half an hour, or however long you feel you like, without your phone and just continue to release and relax.

You could also give an app for meditation a try. Join your assigned spa area when you feel calmer.

#4 Upgrade the Bath

Options abound when it comes to taking your bath from daily to extraordinary. Magnesium-rich Epsom-based bath salts are perfect for soothing sore muscles and set you up for a better night’s sleep, whereas a fragrant bubble bath has both pampering appeal and relaxing effects.

Choose a luxury bath oil for skin that looks smoother and supple after your shower.

#5 Choose Your Treatment

The environment is set and you have your facilities packed, so it’s time for a few soothing DIY spa treatments now!

Few therapies take a little more planning work than others, so if you need time to collect your materials, it’s a smart idea to pick them beforehand.

Some treatments are:

  • Skin treatments and facials
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Nail treatments and manicure
  • Hair treatments

#6 Get into the Tub

Some DIY spa treatments can get a little messy, so at this point, a bath or shower may be in order! And in my experience, there’s no better way to end your spa day than with a long soak in the shower to get washed up!

Now, there you have it. This week, make a little plan, try this process, and get into the work for a relaxing and refreshing moment. Now, think about your favorite way to create a personal home spa service.

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