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6 Things About Australia Travelers Should Know

by David Ryan
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1. Australian English is Different

Yes, internationally they are known as English speakers but they speak English in their own way. It’s interesting to know that they like to use shortcuts for every word and you will take some time to understand what they really are talking. Or you can say that they speak entirely another language. For instance, they use just “Howyagaan?” word instead of a complete phrase of “how are you?” when meeting with their friends. It sounds really funny but that’s a fact.

2. Australia is HUGE

Despite the fact that Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, you don’t get an idea initially about its size until you actually visit this country. You need at least six complete months of traveling if you want to explore the whole country. So, keep this factor in mind when you are planning your vacations in Australia.

3. Australia is Expensive

There is no doubt in a fact of it being very expensive overall but you will be shocked to see a huge price difference in almost every single product. When traveling in smaller cities, you will find a one-time meal cost approx. $50 while you will definitely exceed your budget if you are in Sydney or Melbourne. Also, you will have to contact some traveling agency if you will need to make unlimited international calls to save your pocket from being empty very quickly or you can get Samsung phone plans with international calling plans.

4. Explore the Beauty in Small Towns

No doubt that Sydney and Melbourne are the major attraction of Australia but in the end, they are modernized cities. You can find such advanced and modern cities at other places too but the real beauty of this country lies in its small towns. You can find a number of naturally beautiful and untouched beaches, sightseeing at the Indian Ocean, captivating valleys in the North West and many more. Especially the town of Tasmania really deserve a must visit as this place is incredibly beautiful with the peaceful environment.


5. Deadly Animals are Very Rare Now

Though Australia is famous for having many killer animals especially on the islands like sharks, jellyfish or snakes it is not true to some extent. You can find only one death per year from a snake bite while there is no record of any death from sharks for many years. You just need to be cautious while visiting any such place and mostly all people survive and come back safe and sound.

6. Giving Tips is Not a Trend

Well yeah, it sounds selfish but you will be surprised to know that Australians are being paid well enough leaving no need for any extra tip. The minimum people make per hour is around $18 which is for waiters, busboys, or taxi drivers. This amount is significantly greater than the amounts paid to such workers in other countries of the world. So don’t try to be extra generous by tipping these workers and better to save this amount for making your unlimited international calls to your family and friends.

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