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6 Interior Painting Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs

by David Ryan
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Below is the interior painting everybody should stop making.

1. No Time to Prep for the Paint

Home interior painting is a very long and time consuming project. Going for it with little to no preparation can cause a lot of difficulties in between the projects. Preparing for the paint means to move or cover your furniture from getting ruined by the dripping paint. It also involves in the preparing of walls by sanding, scraping, applying painter tapes and covering electrical outlets.

2. Getting Less Paint Than Required

The amount of paint required can exceed your expectations. It happens when you underestimate the amount of paint that is needed. This can result in difficulties when one of the walls is left to be painted and your paint has run out. You will find it hectic when you need to get another full gallon mid-project. It will also most likely result in extra paint left which can be a waste of money. Hire professional home remodeling companies to take care of your home interior painting so they can provide you with an estimate of how many gallons required.

3. Choosing Wrong Colors for the Room

Get yourself a color strip from the catalogue and make your decision wisely. The best way to avoid this is to get recommendations from your friends and family or even experts. Make your choice and sleep on it to get yourself clear minded about a room. It is expensive to get paint especially when you aren’t convinced with the paint once it’s being painted.


4. Not Using Primer

Primers are very useful in home interior painting if you are painting on an already painted wall. An old wall can look much smoother and it can also patch up rough surfaces to paint on. Primer is most important when you are painting on wood or some other difficult surfaces. Get yourself a good quality primer to go with.

5. Accidentally Painting the Ceiling

You wouldn’t want paint smudges from the roller that is used to paint on the walls to bump the ceiling making it look worse. This mistake happens a lot when people DIY paint themselves. One way to avoid is to create an outline from the ceiling by painting the above section of the wall horizontally first and then using the roller to paint vertically to that point.

6. Overpainting

Overpainting can occur when you double paint on a surface when it is not required. To avoid this mistake use quick brushing to the wall with wet paint. If you use overpaint then you will cause the wall to create an uneven surface. This happens when you use paint roller that is full of paint. Leave part of it empty and wet so that it doesn’t cause accidental overpaint to the previous strokes. It is very hard to get rid of and you may have to use a sandpaper to the newly dried paint and paint it again.

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