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6 Healthy Tech Habits You Should Adopt as Soon as Possible

by David Ryan
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Getting home phone and internet plans or mobile data plans is easy compared to fighting with our addition to technology. So, here is the list of some healthy tech habits that you need.

1. Reduce Screen Time

We see most of the people spend a great chunk of their time on devices; laptops, phones and tablets. This trend is growing and people use devices and screen all the time from walking to eating to talking someone. This is really unhealthy for your life. The radiations from the screen affect your vision as well as skin health. Addiction to screen should be reduced and it will have so many great impacts on your life. Encourage your kids, friends and family members to reduce screen time.

2. Focus on One Task

When you are working on your laptop or computer, you have access to everything on the internet. What many people do is to use social media, watch movies, listen to music and talk to others while they are also working. This is a bad practice. With such things, you spend a lot more time on screen and using devices. A short assignment of 20 minutes is prolonged to more than an hour and this becomes a habit. Just learn to focus on one thing at a time and it will genuinely change your tech habits.

3. Take a Break from Phones

It is not important to carry your devices and phones all the time. When you are at office, you should put the phone on side. When you are home and spending time with family, phone should not be your priority. Focus on your family, house chores and kids. This will help you develop positive tech habits to reduce your screen use and addiction to the internet.


4. Protect Your Digital Data

Protecting digital data is the biggest challenge these days. Kids use social media and share too many details on these sites. The same is the case with adults and young people. You should be careful about what you share online. Moreover, make your laptops, computers and phones protected with different tools and apps. Take as much care of your digital data as possible as it may get hacked anytime. The way you take time to choose home phone and internet plans, you should give way more care to your online identity.

5. Talk More, Text Less

Texting is the reason why people use their phones and devices so often. Whenever they get a text, they find it their duty to respond and reply. This practice is literally unhealthy. You have to change it. You should rather prefer calls instead of text messages. On call, you can convey the message in a better way and it will save a lot of your time. Your screen time will reduce and your phone battery will not drop as well.

6. Make Family Phone Free

We all have our home phone and internet plans along with the best phone plans, but the best thing you can do at home is to disconnect every device from the internet when the family is together and ready for a meal. Completely, turn off the internet. Moreover, make a rule that no one will be allowed to use their devices for one hour or more time and until the dinner is over. There should be a chit chat and discussion session to reduce phone use. Make it a rule to not use device more than fifteen minutes before going to the bed.

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